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D/B Recommended: U.S. Girls & Slim Twig @ Monarch Berlin | Friday, 30.11.2012

Whilst at first glance the name may conjure ‘Volleyball teams and cheerleading squads’ as suggested by 20jazzfunkgreats, others read a military connotation – some kind of legendary all female American crack squad.

Whatever the imagery, the first listen suggests a divergent story. In truth, U.S. Girls is the creative force of a lone American woman, Meghan Remy.

For the past four years she has pursued her minimalist aesthetic with a militant by-any-means-necessary attitude, merging experimental compositions tracked on borrowed four track recorders with her distinctive photocopy-art visual aesthetic to deliver starkly defined statement LP’s like ‘Introducing…’ ‘Go Grey’ on Siltbreeze Records.

U.S. Girls | The Island Girls

While Lo-Fi recording techniques have seen something of a renaissance in recent years, Remy’s favouring of this approach was born less of aesthetic choice and more of necessity.

Even as she’s inevitably been lumped in with other DIY solo artists such as Inca Ore and Sally Strobelight, her influence has unwaveringly been declared to lie with oldies radio and the distinctly American songcraft of writers like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen (whom she covered to startling effect on Introducing…).

U.S. Girls | North On 45

It’s in this light that her true vision is revealed. While her music has been said to evoke “particularly blunted Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry remixes of Cambodian Rocks covers of western pop tunes,” – (Artforum), more accurately she can be thought of as an unapologetically modern pop revisionist merging the audible artistic honesty of her beloved soul music with lyrical strains of static and tape hiss.

Songs like ‘Bits Pieces’ and ‘Red Ford Radio’ reimagine Billboard hit singles of the 60s as bleakly rendered expressions of a primal American femininity.

Slim Twig | Altered Ego

Slim Twig is the stage and screen persona created by Max Turnbull. 2012 sees the release of a wealth of new Slim Twig material. Appropriately for an artist as diversely prolific as Slim, the coming months will see two full-length album releases, as well as a 12”-split on Clan Destine Records with blog-favourite pals, Dirty Beaches, Ela Orleans, and U.S. Girls.

Not one to be pigeon-holed, fall 2012 will see the release of A Hound At The Hem, a narrative album collaboration with his band, consisting of Toronto session heavyweights, Carl Didur, Louis Percival Tim Westberg, and with Owen Pallett. Taking its cue from Gainsbourg’s Histoire De Melody Nelson, A Hound At The Hem represents the ‘hard psych’ flipside to Sof’ Sike and that LP’s lighter touch.

U.S. Girls & Slim Twig  LIVE

Friday, 30 November 2012 | 20:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer Str. 134 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

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