D/B Recommended: Sunday Fun Day – Afternoon Extravaganza: Mac Demarco & Each Other @ Monarch Berlin | Sunday, 25.11.2012

When the then 21-year old Mac DeMarco released his debut Rock and Roll Night Club 12″ just a short while ago in the Spring of 2012, it was accompanied by a barrage of bizarrely funny promo videos, wildly unhinged live performances and a not-so-subtle disparate range of promo photos.

The glam facade was purely that, an image that was manufactured for fun to confuse the stiff and compartmentalizing world of indie music journalists.

But it wasn’t all a jest, as that EP covered a whole range of music styles that were latent in the ex-Makeout Videotape frontman’s already impressive slough of cassette-only releases.

Mac Demarco | She’s really all I need

The sincere and warm Mac who sang “Only You” was the same lipstick-wearing sleazoid that crooned “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans” and that suited him and his listeners just fine.

Now, all of six months later, Mac is back with his first proper full length, Mac DeMarco 2. As opposed to RNRNC, “2″ is a concerted effort to produce a cohesive work that showcases Mac’s natural ability as a songwriter, singer and producer.

Mac Demarco | Only You

With a new arsenal of recording gear, the fidelity has substantially improved without compromising the immediacy and organic quality of his prior releases under any moniker.

The results are immediately rewarding, from the warm “Cooking Up Something Good” to the heartfelt “My Kind of Woman.” It’s obvious Mac is presenting himself musically in the most sincere way possible, no matter what happens in his wild videos or live shows.

Mac Demarco | He My Brother

The three of Each Other are Haligonians living in Montreal, Quebec. They’ve arrived together through a series of broken bands (Long Long Long, York Redoubt, Play Guitar) and at last have a common and resolute goal to let guitars, pop and budding voices do things together.

Taking Trips is their first six songs of proof, and since early 2012, we can hear another couple on Crikey! Records 7″ “Traces to Nowhere”.

Mac Demarco & Each Other  LIVE

Sunday, 25 November 2012 | 16:00 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer Str. 134 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

macdemarco.bandcamp.com | crikeyrecords.com | kottimonarch.de