D/B Recommended: The Men & Delta Love @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin | Friday, 22.03.2013

The Men yes are a four-piece post punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY.

Their catalog, which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self-released demo cassette, has grown to include four LP’s, three 7-inches, one 12-inch, two cassettes and two cds.

With their fourth full-length album to be released in as many years, The Men proudly present the sweeping New Moon, their most intensely personal and immersive installment yet.

The Men | High And Lonesome

Never content to draw on the same methods twice, nor to recline under the heel of expectation, The Men quit the city in early 2012 to head for Big Indian, NY — transforming a remote Catskills locale into a full-fledged stray dog studio home.

Taking complete advantage of dry eyes and clear mountain mornings, the band has never before so thoroughly surrendered their writing process, or themselves for that matter, to the recording environment.

The Men | Supermoon

Entering with only the most skeletal sketches, the house was selected as an incubator for its technical limitations, 32-hour orbit and predisposal to celestial intervention.

Piano, mandolin, harmonica, four-part vocal harmonies and even no-input harsh noise all weave their way through New Moon. Spiritually, it is hedged with as much leaden dirge and ecstatic abandon, as it is genuine saccharine steel-string levity, and an ever-tightening, no apologies pop concision.

The Men | Stranger Song

Summarily: New Moon is the remembrance of why green grass has to lean on the dirt beneath; it is a love letter devoted in bowed humility to the grand continuum, exposing the hoax of the great divide.

Allegiances to the glowing patinas of Detroit and San Francisco, New York and Nashville all abound, but “nostalgia” is not her name. The essence of New Moon is to revisit — never retread. Vibrational bonds are the silver that comes to line the long road home.

Delta Love | Backdoor

Delta Love play a unique combination of reverb-laden guitar, drums, vocals and foot-organ, a dizzyingly brilliant mix of 60s garage-psych influences filtered through a modern day approach.

Imagine a mix of The Sonics, Sic Alps, Dirty Beaches and Beat Happening and you’re somewhere close to their sound.

Delta Love | Live At Stattbad Wedding

But nothing quite prepares you for the Delta Love live experience, a howling-reverb assault of guitar punctuated by stop-start drums that never outstay their welcome, washed over by a double-vocal assault and a bass-pedal which both add depth to the overall effect.

Through support slots with Sic Alps, Bob Log III and Strange Boys, and regular shows around Berlin, they also played support to King Khan BBQ Show in September and supported American indie legends Mission Of Burma in December in Berlin, a sure sign that a band is coming of age.

The Men & Delta Love  LIVE

Friday, 22 March 2013 | 20:00 CET
Festsaal Kreuzberg | Skalitzer Str. 130 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

| deltalove.bandcamp.com | festsaal-kreuzberg.de