D/B Recommended: Hollywood Dream Trip: Christoph Heemann & Celer @ NK Berlin | Saturday, 23.03.2013

Hollywood Dream Trip is the debut release of the duo of Christoph Heemann and Will Long aka Celer.

It will be released on Heeman’s own Streamline label in 2013. This is the debut tour of Hollywood Dream Trip.

Born in 1964 in Aachen, Heemann began his musical work in 1983 as a founding member of the group Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, who released several albums of their surreal collagemusic between 1985 and 1993, drawing inspiration from such diverse elements as musique concrete, avantgarde, krautrock and improvised music.

Christoph Heemann | The Rongs of Saturn (Part V)

After the group disbanded Heemann continued working solo and with the group MIMIR (with Edward Ka-spel and Jim O’Rourke), the drone projects MIRROR (with Andrew Chalk), and IN CAMERA (with Timo van Luyck).

Heemann’s solo compositions have often been described as “ear-movies”, in which he fuses field recordings, acoustic instruments, electronics, and electroacoustic sounds into audio narratives.

Christophe Heemann | Magnetic Tape Splicing

Aside from this Heemann has done a series of musical collaborations (with Jim O’Rourke, Lee Ranaldo, Charlemagne Palestine, William Basinski) and works as a producer (Keiji Haino, Charlemagne Palestine, Limpe Fuchs, Current 93).

Celer is Will Long, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, working in publishing, photography, music, and writing. He curates and manages the label Two Acorns, and handles all releases, communication, and distribution of Celer and Chubby Wolf, also performing live regularly as Celer, and collaborating with other artists.

Celer | In Escaping Lakes

Celer has published more than 90 releases in North America, Asia, and Europe. Currently he is collaborating together many artists such as with Miko under the name Oh, Yoko, and with Christoph Heemann under the name Hollywood Dream Trip.

He is involved in other individual projects with Hakobune, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Nicholas Szczepanik, Yui Onodera, Corey Fuller, and Tomoyoshi Date.

Hollywood Dream Trip: Christoph Heemann & Celer  LIVE

Saturday, 23 March 2013 | 21:30 CET
NK | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln

christophheemann.de | thesingularwe.org/celer | nkprojekt.de