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D/B Presents: The Intention: Neon Dance meets Nils Frahm & Anne Müller @ Radialsystem V Berlin | Saturday, 14.12. + 15.12.2013

On two nights in December, dance, live music and video encounter each other to create an extraordinary audio-visual feast! UM:LAUT presents the premiere of “The Intention”, a multimedia production conceived by the innovative London based performance collective Neon Dance.

D/B Presents: The Intention: Neon Dance meets Nils Frahm & Anne Müller @ Radialsystem V Berlin | Saturday, 14.12.2013

Produced by British choreographer Adrienne Hart, Neon Dance have pulled together an exciting international team of collaborators including the amazing pianist and producer Nils Frahm and the cellist Anne Müller, set designers Nico de Rooij and Stuart Bailes as well as film maker Terry Braun.

Neon Dance | The Intention

This will be the first time Nils Frahm and Anne Müller – critically acclaimed for their great collaborative record “7Fingers” fusing electronica, chamber music and minimal refernces – perform as a duo in Germany.

Neon Dance has been critically acclaimed for its innovative work fusing dance, live music and new media. Adrienne Hart’s choregraphy “The Intention” is inspired by the Argentinian author Adolfo Bioy Casraes’ science fiction novel “The Invention of Morel”, which was published in 1940.

Neon Dance | The Intention

The novel tells the story of a man who, on his escape from justice, arrives on a lonely island where he encounters machine-driven, human holograms – a work about deep love, identity and the dream of everlasting happiness, in which Casares already anticipated the virtually created worlds of the present.

After releasing the acclaimed debut album “7Fingers” on Erased Tapes in 2010, Nils Frahm and Anne Müller have continued to develop their collaborative project between electronica, ambient, chamber music and minimal references while working on the soundtrack for “The Intention”.

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller | 7fingers

In unique sound experiments with classical and electronical elements, delicate melodies become interwoven with loops, glitches and samples. In the context of the series of UM:LAUT, the two musicians present their music for the first time live in Germany – embedded in the set design of and in combination with the premiere of Neon Dance’s new production “The Intention.”

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The Intention: Neon Dance meets Nils Frahm & Anne Müller  LIVE
presented by UM:LAUT & D/B

Saturday, 14 + 15 December 2013 | 20:00 CET
Radialsystem V | Street | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

neondance.org | erasedtapes.com/nilsfrahm | umlautlive.de | radialsystem.de