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D/B Recommended: Fueldiva & El Fuminador @ Madame Claude Berlin | Saturday, 07.12.2013

After an absence from the scene for two years, New York formed Scottish band Fueldiva are playing Madame Claudes in Berlin. Variously counterpoising the glitchy broken future of the gameboy, with the rich dissident cello.
D/B Recommended:  Fueldiva & El Fuminador @ Madame Claude Berlin | Saturday, 07.12.2013
Supporting Fueldivas Berlin debut are El Fuminador from Buenos Aires whose own blend of minimal electronica is the perfect thing to warm up to on a saturday night.

Fueldiva make revenge music with gameboys and cello. We train owls to circle our stadiums and serenade people in hot-tubs. Our audiences have been known to take off their clothes. Vocals puncture this fucked disco with revenge filled stories and stolen girlfriends.

Fueldiva | Im In Your House Live
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. El Fulminador’s musical spectrum goes from classical to electronic and experimental music. His work also includes original soundtracks for theater plays, films and video installations.
El Fuminador | alguien con hielo en los ojos
All in all the latest edition of Madame Claudes regular Habemus Samstag series is a very fine double bill for anyone looking for leftfield dancable underground electronic music.
Fueldiva & El Fuminador LIVE
DJ Richard Steel

Saturday, 07 December 2013 | 20:00 CET
Madame Claude | Lübbenerstr. 19 | 10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg

fueldiva.bandcamp.com | madameclaude.de| elfulminador.com

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