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D/B Presents: Sven Kacirek & Piano Interrupted @ Radialsystem V Berlin | Sunday, 02.12.2012

Originally educated as a jazz drummer, Sven Kacirek has dedicated himself to the acoustic realisation of programmed drum’n’bass grooves, invented new drum concepts and integrated effects and loop stations into conventional drumming.

In the pieces of the Hamburg-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, classic drumming can almost not be heard any more, as his drum kit has been replaced with tons of tiny things made out of paper, wood or glass to knock on, to hit or to scratch.

His sound consists of more than just fancy beats: All the elements in a piece down to the melody are casually constructed from small percussive patterns which he arranges in layers. Although he does not use any synthesizers, the result sometimes appears so electronic that one might invent the somewhat self-contradictory label “acoustic electronica” for Sven Kacirek.

Sven Kacirek | Turned Into What You Listen To

Many of his ideas develop from live concerts, where he multiplies himself with samplers, calmly improvising and generating very elaborate structures. Apart from his career as solo musician, Sven works as composer for film, dance and ballet and has collaborated with directors and choreographers such as Dario Aguirre, Angela Guerreiro and Johnny Lloyd.

For his record “The Kenya Sessions” which he recorded with Kenyan musicians, he received the “German Record Critics’ Award” in 2011. With “Scarlet Pitch Dreams”, Sven Kacirek released his new album in April, thereby fusing his characteristic elements of marimbas and calimbas with timbals, cymbals and prepared piano into a unique mosaic.

Sven Kacirek | Paperflowers

Piano Interrupted is the common project of the pianist Tom Hodge and the electronic musician Franz Kirmann. Equipped with computer and piano, the duo explores the range between classical minimalism and club-oriented electronica. Whereas Hodge’s piano playing is inspired by classical music and jazz, Kirmann has a passion for digitial deconstruction and deep dubstep tunes.

The project was initiated by the English musician and film composer Hodge, who contributed a hit to the legendary “Ministry of Sound Compilation” with his interpretation of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” for strings and electronics in 2009.

Piano Interrupted | VI

By sampling the warm piano sounds live and completing them with characteristic glitches, clicks and sub-bass sounds, Franz Kirmann brings a major contribution to the sound of Piano Interrupted in that it constantly changes between organic warmth and electronic precision – in their live sets, this results in a unique fusion of analogue and digital improvisation.

On Lobe Records and Photogram Recordings, Piano Interrupted already released two EPs praised by the press. The musicians have just recently completed their work on the film score “Papa Hédi” and will release their first album “Two By Four” – which was mastered by Nils Frahm – in the beginning of December.

Piano Interrupted | Son Of Foug

For their German premiere in the series of UM:LAUT Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann will be accompanied by Greg Hall on cello and Eric Young on percussion “The Hamburg-based drummer does not limit himself to snare, bass drum and cymbal but also plays on glass and sandwich paper. Far from a cracking or annoying noise, this sounds ruminant.

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Sven Kacirek & Piano Interrupted  LIVE
presented by UM:LAUT & Digital in Berlin

Sunday, 03 December 2012 | 19:30 CET
Radialsystem V | Holzmarktstr. 33 | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

svenkacirek.de | pianointerrupted.com | umlautlive.de | radialsystem.de