James Ferraro & Copeland @ Urban Spree Berlin | Saturday, 26.10.2013

James Ferraro and copeland aka Inga Copeland have come to define (if such a thing can ever be defined) genre non-specific electronic music.
D/B Recommended: James Ferraro & Inga Copeland @ Urban Spree Berlin | Saturday, 26.10.2013
Joining forces with the trio is No Fear Of Pop, siblings-in-spirit and propagators of some of the best sounds that the under-and-overground has to offer.

Together they craft a night of cutting-edge music that will redefine your soul… or at least give you a hell of a night out.

James Ferraro | NYC, Hell 3:00 AM

Emerging from the ashes of experimental noiseolo-jisms such as Skaters, Acid Eagle and Lamborghini Crystal, the extremely prolific James Ferraro is a man of both many names and sounds.

His recent mixt “Cold” and soon to be released “Hell, NYC 3:00AM” embody the spirit of commercialist pop and R&B and twists it into reformatted, chameleonic oddities that echo the apathetic consumerism of our times and combines it with the reflective nature of a freak’s perspective.

Copeland | Fit

Copeland is a natural partner for the evening. Both her work with ex-partner Dean Blunt in Hype Williams and her current solo material in collaboration with Martyn and Scratcha DVA reflect her natural disconnect with reality, woozy aural patterns drawing from a wide array of dance and ambient sounds.

Ferraro and Copeland are backed by DJ sets from the UnReaL crew (xorzyzt / Tom Ass / BlackBlackGold) and NFOP, this will be an evening for reshaping, reimagining, reconceptualizing, and remembering.

James Ferraro & Copeland  LIVE

Saturday, 26 October 2013 | 23:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin/Friedrichshain

hipposintanks.net/james-ferraro | soundcloud.com/cplnd | urbanspree.com

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