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Halloween Party w/ Anklepants, Günter Schickert and more @ NK Berlin | Thursday, 31.10.2013

ANKLEPANTS aka Reecard Farché is a one man mechanical faced sound creature from the depths of the Australian übergründé.
D/B Recommended: Halloween Party w/ Anklepants, Günter Schickert and more @ NK Berlin | Thursday, 31.10.2013
Anklepants is a perfect specimen. His eyes, nose, face and mouth are perfect.

Anklepants is a live electronic music machine,voice and input from many custom controllers and sensors tailored within his suit.

Anklepants | insideyourface …

Föllakzoid began in Santiago, Chile from what they describe as the result of, “a product of a trance experience between friends, sort of a soul abduction in which they’ve been living since 2008.”

The band is made up of multi-faceted artists: Juan Pablo is a producer of the Sangre Fresca Music Festival in Santiago, Diego is a photograher, Alfredo is an architect, and Domingo is also a filmmaker who just premiered his first feature length movie “Partir to Live”.

Föllakzoid | VI, III, II, I

They believe that there is some sort of gravitational force that makes South America able to dialogue directly with other places, times, and dimensions. The band have all known each other from childhood in Santiago.

Though his name barely registers among most of the Krautrock intelligentsia, Günter Schickert was both prolific in the back scenes as well as being an important artist.

Günter Schickert | Puls

Along with the better-known Achim Reichel, Schickert pioneered the echo guitar,on his first record SAMTVOGEL where the repeated guitar tones create unique multi-layered textures that take the instrument quite beyond the ordinary.

Though his recordings are few and hard to track down, especially the debut Samtvogel, Schickert is an innovative music creator who deserves more notice.

Halloween Party w/ Anklepants, Föllakzoid & Günter Schickert  LIVE

Thursday, 31 October 2013 | 21:00 CET
NK | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2  | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln


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