The Hum Occulto Dreams at Acud / Thursday, 17.12.2015

In December the exploratory night The Hum is merging with the field of science. As a physical magazine Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to fields such as visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas. Occulto magazine and The Hum share a love for adventurous research and exploratory music.

Sound- and lecture performances, experiments, vision, and dance. With dreams in mind The Hum and Occulto co-curated a topic-related programme between the fields of sound, computer-science, psychology, astronomy, dance and beyond.

The photograph by the visual artist Katharina Marszewski is injecting The Hum an emotive quality: taken at a ridiculously hot summer night in Los Angeles – the dream of every Berliner in winter – it could also remind on the humanitarian nightmare at the beaches of Fortress Europe – or show a dream sequence of an extraterranian site on a planet, yet to be discovered.

For The Hum the choreographer and performer Anna Nowicka is going to present a progress of her recent work Dreamstates. Dreamstates HUB is late-evening, on-going, one on one practice of opening dreams: „Write down your current dream, bring it to the HUB, and I’ll shed light on what the dream is telling you“.


Jessica Ekomane in her practice unfolds around sound installations, site-specific sound interventions and music. In her live performances she build layers of saturated loops, low frequencies and manipulated field recordings.

Within the realm of computer science an interpreter exists as a program, devised in earth, in hardware, which instantly translates language into action, into execution and material or breath, either directly or through an intermediate translation. In The Dark Interpreter multimedia lecture performance by Martin Howse, the language of alchemy meets computer programming, conversations with angels in a garden full of fruit dating back to the 1580s meets the random errors of OCR scans, the addiction literature of Thomas de Quincey meets the endophysics of Otto Roessler. Howse will not just talk about The Dark Interpreter but gives a demonstration of the very physical audio machine itself.


Espectra Negra is a solo project by Verónica Mota who also operates as Cubop in the underground industrial noise scene. Her first album Savage Justice put her on the line with Pharmakon, Puce Mary or Dry Greed. This year album Alchemy & Death will be release by the cult Japanese label Lust Vessel. Her printed releases including a tribute compilation to Coil. What makes her works special is her constant sonic research on Shamanic and Ritualistic music derived from her performing arts activities. A fascinating tool she uses to exorcise her audience.

Austreiben Antreiben is a work about mask traditions and pre-christian alpine traditions which are widespread all over europe. The drummer, percussionist and electronic musician Andi Stecher will present for The Hum Occulto his recent album research that was released on Heart of Noise Editionen.

Giulia Liberti focuses on metaphors, quotations, categories and the organization and transmission of knowledge. What is a big star: Bette Davis or Betelgeuse? Both, of course; and if you put both in the hands of an artist or writer who’s also a film historian and an amateur astronomer, well, they will probably start a special dialogue with each other.

The complete line-up:

Alice Cannavà & guests – Introducing Occulto Issue δ: Dreams
Andi Stecher – Live sound
Anna Nowicka – dreamstates
Espectra Negra – Mexico City/Ritualistic Noise
Giulia Liberti – hollywood, stars
Jessica Ekomane – Live sound
Katharina Marszewski – Photo
Martin Howse – The Dark Interpreter
Ultraviolett – dreamland hate grammar
Vinilette – The Hum

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The Hum Occulto Dreams

Thursday, 17 December 2015 | 20:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte | |


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