Kometenmelodien w/ Rashad Becker + Eli Keszler + Lumisokea at Kantine am Berghain / Thursday, 17.12.2015

PAN artists Rashad Becker [Berlin] and Eli Keszler [NYC] will embark their first European tour in December. These two avant garde composers and fluent improvisers have performed as a duo only twice before, at the Empty Gallery in Hong Kong and in New York, so expect new ground will be broken with each show.

Eli Keszler is a composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. He has released two acclaimed albums for PAN, and was last heard on record in collaboration with another estimable jammer, Oren Ambarchi, and in collaboration with Tony Conrad, Christian Wolff and Joe Mcphee amongst many others.


Rashad Becker’s live sets evolve around the angle of `traditional music of notional species`, a semi-abstract synthetic narrative that proves appealing to a remarkably wide audience. Collaboration between the visionary soundscaper and virtuoso percussionist is a mouth-watering prospect, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Lumisokea is a Belgian-Italian duo, formed by Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi, now based in Berlin. Their music is both highly tactile and rich in texture, using a broad range of acoustic sources as well as electronic hardware to create a gripping and introspective listening experience with influences ranging from dub to noise, traditional percussion musics from Asia & Africa, techno, musique concrète and contemporary classical music.


The duo has shared stages with highly esteemed artists like Rashad Becker, Emptyset, Laurel Halo, Kevin Drumm, Thomas Ankersmit, Roly Porter and Moritz von Oswald and played renowned festivals such as CTM, Heart of Noise, Bozar, Rewire, LEV and Phono.

Just having released their latest album Mnemosyne on September 4th 2015 via Helm‘s label Alter, Lumisokea have seen a strong 2015 playing key festivals such as Mutek Canada, Mutek Mexico as well as Pitch Festival in Amsterdam amongst others.


Furthermore the duo is in the middle of finishing up a new album which will come out on Opal Tapes in January 2016 and will see the band reintroducing their more percussive qualities after the more textural work represented on Mnemosyne.

This event is presented by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.

Kometenmelodien w/ Rashad Becker + Eli Keszler + Lumisokea

Thursday, 17 December 2015 | 20:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

p-a-n.org | elikeszler.com | lumisokea.com | berghain.de


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