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D/B Recommended: Frameworks Festival w/ Swod, Matmos, Fennesz & many more @ MUG im Einstein München | Friday, 15.03. – Sunday, 17.03.2013

Since 2011, the Frameworks Festival is presenting musical positions on the borderlines between song structures and abstract composition.

It aims at being a platform for different international subcultures that pursue unconventional and innovative forms of music.

With Swod, Roedelius Schneider, Rayon, Tom Verbruggen: Toktek, Radian, aus & Danny Norbury, Matmos and Fennesz as lineup, Frameworks 2013 shows the continuance of the high quality of the previous years.

Swod | Gehen

Berlin based Oliver Doerell und Stephan Wöhrmann aka Swod work on the interactions between electronic music and the melodic dimensions of the piano.

Oliver Doerell’s (member of dictaphone, Raz Ohara and the odd orchestra) electronic structures add up with the filigreed piano passages of Stephan Wöhrmanns to reduced, cinematic aesthetics.

Swod | Belgien

It does not surprise that Swod have been engaged in many film projects over the last years. On stage, the tracks evoke their own images within the subtle dialogue between the artists.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius is a founding member of Cluster and Harmonia, two of the most influential Krautrock bands. He has been working with likeminded artists as Brian Eno to form sounds that are still defining for electronic music today.

Roedelius / Schneider | Upper Slaughter

Since the 1990s, Stefan Schneider has been an important figure in German electronic music, co-founding the band kreidler and being a member of to rococo rot and mapstation.

This meeting of two different generations, which have been dealing both with the introduction of electronic repetition into traditional musical structures, turns out to be a surprisingly calm dialogue.

Roedelius / Schneider | Single Boogie

Rayon is the solo project of Markus Acher, known as member of bands as The Notwist, Lali Puna and Tied And Tickled Trio and co-founder of the influential label Alien Transistor.

As Rayon, he interweaves cello arrangements, guitars and vibraphones with reduced electronic fragments to tracks that Acher himself describes as “electronic chamber music”.

Tom Verbruggen | Toktek Improvisation

Dutch artist Tom Verbruggen has been dealing with the intersections between performative art and electronic music since 2005.

In installations, sound objects and performances, Verbruggen is exploring the sounds of everyday life playfully, bringing them together to intense electronic collages.

Tom Verbruggen | Tomstick

In his performance Toktek, he is arranging and modulating electronic samples and sounds of objects like plastic ducks and children flutes with the help of a controller that he built himself from a computer joystick.
Verbruggen’s performance is not only an experiment in electronic music, it’s a bright and vivid organism that follows its own rules.

Radian | Kinetakt

Radian is one of the most important and influental bands that have been dealing with the relation between structure and abstraction and gained world wide attention, promoted by the label Thrill Jockey.

Martin Brandlmayr, John Norman and Martin Siewert combine the traditional instrumentation of rock music with extremely minimalist, abstract structures. A short noise appears in the open space, rhythmic fragments are articulated with care, elements of noise are layered on top of each other to suddenly form a complex of individual beauty.

aus | Urum

Curating the label flau in Tokyo, aus alias Yasuhiko Fukuzono is one of the most improtant agents of contemporary electronic music in Japan. Manchester-based Cellist Danny Norbury arranges melancholy, minimalist compositions, subtly layering the Cello in samples on stage.

The cautious Interaction between Norbury’s Cello and Fukuzono’s Piano, samples and electronic textures evoke a gentle beauty, unpretentious and rather charming.

Danny Norbury | This Night Is For You And Me

Founded by M. C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel in 1995 in San Francisco, matmos is a mulit-coloured emblem of electronic music.

Interweaving the sounds of freshly cut hair, the nerve tissue of crayfish, the pages of a bible, chirurgical instruments or a hamster cage with electronic beats and fragments of pop music, mysterious collages come into being.

Matmos | Stars & Stripes Forever

Matmos produced björk’s album Vespertine and participated in experimental theatre productions.

The new album The Marriage Of True Minds saw Matmos referring to para-psychological practices: Volunteers were equipped with blindfolds and headphones with white noise.

Matmos | Very Large Green Triangles

Matmos then tried to transfer the “concept of the new matmos record” telepathically, to subsequently translate the perceptions and mental images of the volunteers musically. Also on stage, matmos is a hypnothic and visionary complex, a laboratory to analyse the unknown.

Vienna based Christian Fennesz has been paving the way for the interplay between electronic music and organic instruments since the 1990s.

Fennesz | Black Sea

Working together with labels such as Mego, Touch or ECM, Fennesz has been characterizing the dissociation of the electric guitar via electronic editing, the disbandment of natural sounds to form a modulated sound space, in which complex threads unite to abstract compositions.

Christian Fennesz has been working with artists like Peter Rehberg, Jim O’ Rourke, David Sylvian or Ryuichi Sakamoto and is beyond question an international pioneer of abstract electronic music. Yet, his music is far from being a cold, electronic experiment – it’s a cosm of emotional structures.

Frameworks Festival 2013
w/ Swod, Roedelius Schneider, Rayon, Tom Verbruggen: Toktek, Radian, aus & Danny Norbury, Matmos and Fennesz LIVE

Friday, 15 March – Sunday, 17 March 2013 | 18:00 CET
MUG im Einstein | Einsteinstraße 42 | 81675 München