Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore, Church Car, Andi Stecher & Eliad Wagner @ NK Berlin | Monday, 10.03.2014

The experienced improvising duo of Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore of Reynols and Volcano The Bear tour Europe from March 10th to March 23rd, 2014. To coincide with the tour they have recorded a new album ‘KPPB’ to be released as a limited edition CD on Earbook Recordings. Like its predecessor ‘Brokebox Juke’ the new album is a postal collaboration consisting of two long tracks. Alan Courtis and Aaron Moore met in Paris in 2004. Eventually they began a long distance recording project that resulted in the highly acclaimed LP ‘Brokebox Juke’ released on No-Fi in 2009.

Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore | Live at Side Cinema

In the Autumn of 2013 Courtis contacted Moore to say he would be in Europe in March, 2014 and suggested they get some dates together for a tour. Moore suggested they make a new album to coincide with these dates. They promptly exchanged sounds and each set about creating one long piece each. Recorded at their respective homes in Buenos Aires and Brooklyn these two tracks, King Pancreas and Punk Butter have now been released through Moore’s own Earbook Recordings label.

Church Car | Live at Naherholung Sternchen

Church Car is the Berlin-based duo of Ian Douglas-Moore (guit, electronics, vox) and Big Daddy Mugglestone (drums, electronics, vox). Fluctuating focus between slow rhythmic drones, layers of fractured melodies, and eruptions of mangled language, they create music somewhere in the intersection of rock, minimalism, improvisation, and text-sound composition.

Andi Stecher | Innards

Andi Stecher is an austrian born drummer/ performer / composer currently living in Berlin.
He works in a wide Variety of Genres of Music/ Sounds/ Performing Arts. After 10 years of classical teachings, Stecher started finding his own Voice/Style in different Formations/ Bands/ Projects, always trying to push the limits of drumming and finding new ways of expressing and playing. Right now his main Focus lies on doing research for his Solo works (Drums/ Electr./ Voice) and playing/ producing/releasing with different free improv/ noise Collaborations. His style of playing involves a very melodic and polyrhythmical approach to the Drums, spiked with straight forward beats.

Eliad Wagner | Exile

ELIAD WAGNER was born in Israel in 1979 and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. At the moment he is busy with free improvisation in electronic music, using (mostly) modular synthesizer / feedback systems, composing work for various mediums, lecturing in schools and giving workshops around Europe.


Alan Courtis & Aaron Moore, Church Car, Andi Stecher & Eliad Wagner

Monday,  10 March 2014 | 20:00 CET
NK | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin/Neukölln

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