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Lonski & Classen, Miranda & Special Guests @ Volksbühne Berlin | Sunday, 09.03.2014

Only the faintest hints remain of Lonski & Classen’s musical roots, laid down during their beginnings as an alternative rock and grunge band in the early nineties. Via folktronica, postrock and experiments in ambient drone they have arrived at their very own style – emotional and elegant, floating between sky-high ecstasy and melancholic elegy. Their idea of urban blues takes its aural form in the blending of hypnotic drumming with playful singing and guitar picking. Felix Classen’s impulsive rhythms fuse a Krautrock motoric with Mick Fleetwood-esque drifting and mathematical accuracy with slow-motion sublimeness. Lukas Lonski strikes delicate and subtle chords with his voice and guitar, creating meandering, enigmatic landscapes comparable to the works of avant-pop shamans Mark Hollis or David Sylvian.

Lonski & Classen feat. Miriam Jakob | I Danced Again

For the recording sessions of their upcoming album “All Tomorrow Is Illusion” they travelled to Ouessant, a small island on the northwest coast of Brittany, where most of the songs were recorded together with French musician Yann Tiersen, who is also a guest contributor on a couple of songs from the new album. Other guests include the Faroese keyboard wizard Ólavur Jákupsson, choreographer and singer Miriam Jakob, Berlin’s most well-hidden, underground multi-talent Jayrope and “Malmö’s PJ Harvey” Miranda Gjerstad. Seeing as Lonski & Classen have accrued a true cabinet of wonders and will open it for the first time on the main stage of the Volksbühne, we highly recommend you attend this show.

Lonski & Classen feat. Miranda | The Gutter

Miranda Gjerstad will open this night of live music, having started her musical journey at the age of fourteen in a Swedish hip-hop band. Two years later she discovered her love for the sound of guitar chords and could be seen playing at parties in the dark Swedish woods, rock clubs and theatres, wearing glittering clown costumes and feathered dress-coats, performing cabaret-inspired performances with a pump organ and her powerful voice. The theatrical teenager has now faded away and forth has come a simple and honest sound with suggestive folky tunes and a voice more sensitive and frail. Her first LP is in the pipeline and will be produced by Lonski & Classen and released on their newly founded label Osthafen – and with that we have come full circle.

Lonski & Classen, Miranda & Special Guests  LIVE

Sunday, 09 March | 20:00 CET
Volksbühne | Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

lonskiandclassen.commirandamiranda.bandcamp.com | osthafen.org | volksbuehne-berlin.de

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