D/B Recommended: Will Samson @ Urban Spree Berlin | Sunday, 16.06.2013

In 2012, just over one year after the release of his first vocal album Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends, 23 year old Will Samson presented a brand new album of his own personal, fragile blend of experimental folk and ambient electronics.
D/B Recommended: Will Samson @ Urban Spree Berlin | Sunday, 16.06.2013
However, with songs about a surreal overnight boat journey in South East Asia, paintings from a Dutch art gallery, to the simple love of a dear friend, Balance takes a confident step away from its predecessor in both feeling & sound.

The record began its life in Summer 2011, whilst Samson was living in a tiny bedroom in a shared apartment with five other people. One of whom was Joel Danell –- a wonderful musician from Sweden making music under the pseudonym of ‘ Musette’.

Will Samson | Meet Me At Home

When Joel moved back to Stockholm towards the end of the summer, he kindly left behind a collection of old cassettes, a Tascam 8-track and a cassette deck for tape mastering –- it was then that Will set to work on some new songs.

“”It didn’t take long before I became totally absorbed with the magic of analogue recording and the mysteries to be discovered within these ancient cassette tapes.

Will Samson | Eat Sleep Travel, Repeat

Numerous nights were spent working through to the early morning, playing quietly so as not to wake up my house mates. On ‘Dusty Old Plane’ you can even hear the birds beginning to sing with the sunrise.” Samson recalls.

Floating in a gentle haze of melodies, soft white noise & intimate tape crackles, Balance manages to retain the spirit of the aged cassettes and equipment it was made with, whilst offering something altogether unique & new.

Will Samson & Guests  LIVE

Sunday, 16 June 2013 | 19:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revaler Straße 99 | On the RAW Gelände | 10245 Berlin/Friedrichshain

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