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D/B recommended: Under Byen @ Admiralspalast Studio in Berlin / Saturday, 13 March 2010

Europe is aglow over their new record, but as we know them, Under Byen just won’t take their steps in the most common order.
[audio:Alt_Er_Tabt.mp3] It is Belgium, the Netherlands, and of course their home country Denmark which have already seen the release of new record “Alt Er Tabt”, while in the UK and, sadly enough, Germany the usual suspects will have to wait. There’s good news, though, as well.For once, we secured a Danish advance copy of the record. For now, let’s just call it another brilliant, seemingly oh so effortless shot at catching up, if but for a concise 39.16 minutes, with all the loose, glimmering beauty that always surrounds, yet usually escapes us. Others might call it a masterpiece.

(This is the video for the record’s title track and first single.)

Which, to spread the other good news, you will have a chance of hearing interpreted live. Indeed, the Århus collective returns to Berlin for a gig at little known Admiralspalast substage Studio on March 13. If you have seen Under Byen before, you already know you’re in for one intensive, exhausting night that will leave your soul exhausted, your heart blissfully shattered. And if you haven’t, well, this is your chance to change that.

Under Byen LIVE
Saturday / 13.03.2010
Admiralspalast Studio / Friedrichstraße 101 / 10117 Berlin/ Mitte

http://www.underbyen.dk | http://www.admiralspalast.de