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D/B recommended: process festival @ Ausland Berlin 19-20 March 2010

PROCESS is a 2 day festival focusing on the sound of systems. Terms like ‘process-driven’ and ‘generative’ are expanded to include live performances based on breath, a train-yard video that generates rhythms dynamically, and a large metal ‘drop machine’ which emulates electronics, with no electronics.

Programme features two evenings of live performances and new-media works, a workshop and a special internet commission, and takes place on March 19 & 20 at Ausland, an iconic venue situated in the heart of Prenzlberg.

Highlights from the programme:
The festival features 6 live performances from a range of established and emerging European artists. Simon Scott and Rutger Zuydervelt perform a ‘musical reclamation’, premiering a new work based on exchanged field recordings taken from areas formerly below sea level. Papalexandri-Alexandri explores machine-produced long sustained sounds and textures with an organic characteristic, using a custom ‘drop machine’ built by Pe Lang, and augmented flute performance by Erik Drescher. British composer Scott McLaughlin’s ‘we do the same things but I’m always different’ breeds new tones in real-time from two musicians playing single-reed instruments.

The festival also features 6 new-media pieces available on-site via laptop, to engage with between performances. In ‘Are You Looking at Me?’, Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould utilise eye-tracking data to re-frame film; classic scenes from ‘Taxi Driver’ and others suddenly becoming unfamiliar. Kenji Kojima’s ‘RGB Music’ takes 999 views of skyscrapers from New York’s Central Park and generates a mini-composition for each of them based on the photograph’s pixels. Ashley John Pigford brings out the rhythms of daily life in ‘Train Tracked’, creating dynamic percussion based on the pylons and poles of a train-yard video.

Special Events:
In a special internet-based work for Process, New York sound-artist Eric Laska will directly capture the subtle, inner workings of a laptop and stream the result online over the festival’s 2 day period, highlighting it’s inherent sound in a long-form, minimal work which plays with notions of physicality.

The Venue / AUSLAND Berlin

On the Saturday afternoon, artists Daniel Jenatsch and Samuel Forsythe will lead a free workshop exploring one of the most basic human systems: breath. Discovering the limits, rhythms, and tones of breathing, participants will work through the concepts and structure of a piece to be performed the same evening at the festival. A practical, ‘no-requirements’ participatory project, with immediate output.

PROCESS Festival
Sounds from Systems
19-20 March 2010
AUSLAND / Territory for experimental music, performance and art

Lychener Str. 60 / 10437 Berlin