Ulver at Lido / Sunday, 3.5.2020

Ulver, the band from Norway, who have been constantly reinventing themselves since 1992, are finally showing their new face on tour again after three years.

Started as a Black Metal band, they already successful swam in Ambient, Drone, Krautrock, Trip-Hop, Post-Rock etc. Oceans. Creatively they always adapt to the music world and enlarge the living space for themselves as wolves. Now they dry their fur and come ashore for 15 tour dates in Europe & UK.

On 14.02. their new video for “Russian Doll” will be released.

ULVER on 03.05.2020 at Lido

3.5.2020 | Doors 19:00 CET | Starts 20:00 CET

https://greyzone-concerts.de | Event @ Facebook

Pictrue by Ingrid Aas

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