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SUPERBOOTH20 Home Edition / 23.04.2020

Herr Schneider isn’t one to let a little thing like quarantine get between his acclaimed Superbooth festival and the passionate community of modular synth builders and musicians that have flocked to it in the previous 4 years. Home it is then! This years event will now happen online with virtual booths, workshops, concerts and meetups all streamed to the comfort of your home from superbooth.com


The year 2020 without Superbooth in Berlin? There are many topics that are certainly more important right now. Nevertheless, we don’t want to let the Superbooth days pass by. We invite everyone who wants to be there under our (virtual) roof – on April 23rd, for the Superbooth20 Home Edition.


Many of the artists who would have performed at SUPERBOOTH20 play exclusive short concerts and provide insights into their studios. HerrSchneider invites guests to his digital table and some exhibitors show – in self-made videos – what they would otherwise have presented in Berlin. Furthermore, our media partners will tell you about the specials they are planning. After all, there will be many new developments announced from the most diverse areas, which we are all very excited about.


We present the whole event on www.superbooth.com – the videos are released according to a public schedule and are then individually available on our Vimeo and YouTube accounts. With Superbooth20 Home Edition it is important for us to show that this unique community stands together and presents itself together even in difficult times. Without the help of many exhibitors and partners, this would not have been possible – we would like to thank you once again for your great support.


Thursday, 23rd April 2020

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Foto © Angela Kroell

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