D/B Recommended: Tyvek LIVE @ Westgermany Berlin | Wednesday, 02.03.2011

Detroit is sitting in despair. A decaying city that is being torn down and neglected. But amongst all the wretched pessimism, the brave and excellent will always pick up guitars and bang some drums. And with a clack of drumsticks, in the middle of the city’s muskeg of trouble, there stand Tyvek.

[audio:Tyvek – 4312.mp3]They now arrive in Europe to tear down our cities with their mess of lo-fi garage punk.

Their sound stands like the abandoned buildings of their town, frame and structure visible, but all else wretchedly torn of the bones. A simplistic assault of punky thrash and rhythm, with an immediacy and addictive franticness belched out by shouted vocals.

Air Conditioner by Tyvek

When bashing their way around three-chords, it’s undeniable where Tyvek’s cues are coming from- The Stooges too easily bandied about when Tyvek are discussed. But the distorted mad shouts of singer Kevin Boyer, push it well beyond that obvious connection. ‘Nothing Fits’, released on In The Red Records late 2010, has tracks that sound more like spasmodic siblings of Wire’s 12XU. The way they just cling to control over their instability, and their spot-on agitation, show Tyvek have their own plan.

With a trail of 7 inches, cassettes and CD-R’s behind them, and a relentless touring history to boot, Tyvek have undoubtedly created some fervent murmurs in the underground music circles in United States.

Currently stomping all around Europe, they are set to play West Germany March 2nd, the raw backdrop of this venue being utterly suitable for Tyvek to come and deliver their relentless, frenetic live style. Stripped back so only the good remains. Text by Helen Grose.


Tyvek LIVE

Wednesday, 2nd March 2010 | 22:00 CET
WestGermany | Skalitzer Str. 133 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg