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D/B Album Feature: Berlin vs New York by Robot Robinson

Berlin native and Jahcoozi’s beat mastermind Robot Koch has got another trick up his sleeve: this time with MC John Robinson.
[audio:Robot Robinson –  introduction to rr.mp3]Robot’s electronic splices meet the smoky, laid-back flows of the microphone don who made a name for himself as part of hip-hop group Scienz of Life a few years ago (at the time, none other than MF Doom supplied Robinson’s beats).

Koch can in no way be compared to the metal-faced rhymeslinger and producer, but definitely manages to hold his own.

The release is out on Project Mooncircle, also home to fLako and the mighty Graciela Maria.

Robot Koch And John Robinson “Robot Robinson” Album Snippet

The eight-track release has been described as “two dynamic forces coming together in parallel universes”.

The Robot Robinson album spells out the attempts to bring a different pitch of vocals to the world of Electronic Music. Robinson being no stranger to the scientifical lyrical approach along with Robot’s evolutionary voyage prone soundscapes, this one is a sure shot.