D/B Recommended: Who’s That Man: A Tribute to Conny Plank w/ Dieter Moebius @ ZMF Berlin | Friday, 08.02.2013

Conny Plank was a name anyone who grew up with cutting-edge music in the 1970s and early 1980s was bound to be familiar with.

Particularly if he or she read the small print on record covers – a habit not at all uncommon among music enthusiasts.

The phrase “Produced by Conny Plank” could be found on dozens of record covers. Many of these albums – from bands like Kraftwerk, Neu!, La Düsseldorf, Kluster, Michael Rother, Ash Ra Tempel, David Bowie, Scorpions, Brian Eno, Can, Ultravox, DAF, Devo, Eurythmics – are now considered classics.

Liliental | Wattwurm

Conny Plank was always a step ahead of the studio technology of his time. He employed self-made devices and equipment and a modified mixing console to realize his artistic visions on tape. Using a complicated recording technique, he created the effects of a polyphonic sampler before its inception.

Brian Eno was right when he called him an “inventor”. Midge Ure emphasizes Plank’s fondness of sounds. “He was much different to other producers I had worked with before because he was constantly musing over sound. He created wonderfully unique atmospheres.”

Neu! | Hallogallo

Dieter Moebius also worked with Conny Plank over the course of many years in various constellations: with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler as a member of Kluster; then with the follow-up band Cluster – with a “C” – formed after Schnitzler left the band.

Also with Harmonia and in the duo Moebius & Plank and with Plank, Asmus Tietchens, Hellmut Hattler, Johannes Pappert and Okko Bekker in Liliental (not to be confused with Lilienthal). According to Moebius, “Chance was a big part of our work. The first take was the best take, we didn’t have to polish it up much. We focused on the work that came later, post-production, editing”.

Cluster | Sowiesoso

In 1987, the legend, whose mixing skills made ​​history, died. In his honor Grönland Records will publish a 4 CD box set entitled “Who’s That Man – A Tribute To Conny Plank”. Two of the CDs depict a cross-section of his work, and make the special sound aesthetics of his productions audible.

Additionally the box includes reworks of the original tapes from the archives of the Plank family – among others by Fujiya & Miyagi, Automat, Popnoname, and Edward and Günther Lause. As a special tidbit you find a previously unreleased live concert by Conny Plank, Arno Steffens and Dieter Moebius in Mexico in 1986.

Moebius & Plank | Conditionierer

The Berlin based collective “Bohemian Drips” is, in cooperation with Grönland Records, organising a series of exclusive live events entitled “Conny Plank ReWork Sessions Live.”

Each event will feature both a live arrangement of the digitalised Conny Plank archive material by one of the ReWork artists, and a live concert by one the legendary representatives of the German Krautrock-scene.

Kraftwerk | Heimatklänge

The lineup for the evening in honor of Conny includes Krautrock legend and Plank’s friend Dieter Moebius, Georg Zeitblom aka Automat and the Günther Lause duo.

On the turntables, the Bohemian Drips dj team Lislbar & Wermuth and Esclé from Leipzig will mix a krauty blend of Jazz, Blues, Psychedelic, New Wave, Synthpop and Disco.

Who’s that man: A tribute to Conny Plank
w/ Dieter Moebius, Günther Lause & Zeitblom LIVE
presented by bohemian drips & Grönland Records

Djs: Lislbar & Wermuth; Esclé

Friday, 08 February 2013 | 21:00 CET
ZMF | Brunnenstraße 10 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte

connyplank.com | dietermoebius.de | soundcloud.com/guentherlause | zeitblom.de | zurmoebelfabrik.de