D/B Movie Feature: The Co(te)lette Film by Mike Figgis | Trailer

The Co(te)lette Film is Mike Figgis’ cinematographic adaptation of the dance performance by Ann Van den Broek.

Women and flesh, beauty and perishableness, raw and fragile. A delirious desire overwhelms the dancers. A desire for physical and mental satisfaction. The dancers go from appeal to sensuality, over lust, fleshness, fame, success, reflection and control, to silence.

They are slaves of their own desires while trying to get in control of them. Female bodies in a frenzy.

In The Co(te)lette Film, three female dancers are shown in a rather intimate atmosphere, in a chicken-and-egg situation between desire and satisfaction. There is no confrontation, nor rivalry. No story-telling, no solution and no ending. The Co(te)lette Film’s story is restless and… empty.

The Co(te)lette Film is a Mike Figgis film based on the original dance production “Co(te)lette”. Concept and choreography by Ann Van den Broek. Release Date is October 2010.

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