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D/B Recommended: Suuns & Lucretia Dalt @ Comet Berlin | Sunday, 05.05.2013

SUUNS released their second full-length album, ,Images Du Futur” via Secretly Canadian in March 2013.
D/B Recommended: Suuns & Lucretia Dalt @ Comet Berlin | Sunday, 05.05.2013
After touring North America and Europe extensively throughout 2011, the band spent the winter and spring of 2012 writing & recording in their hometown, Montreal.

Their sessions were concurrent with the Quebec student protests that started in February of 2012 and continued through September of 2012.

Suuns | Up Past The Nursery

Set against a backdrop lead singer Ben Shemie calls “a climate of excitement, hope and frustration,” SUUNS aimed for an expansion of the musical ideas on their critically acclaimed first record, “Zeroes, QC”.

Produced once again by Jace Lasek from BESNARD LAKES, “Images Du Futur” blasts out of the gate with “Powers of Ten,” laying out a sort of manifesto for the record in the very first lines: “Got it together/I read in the paper/all of theses strangers/stranger and stranger…/No, no, no, no, how you try and remember/how all of these pieces/all fit together.”

Suuns | Pie IX

Shemie says of the process, “As a band we were trying to look at our music from further and further away, seeing more details in the picture as we expanded the landscape.” The first single, “Edie’s Dream,” starts with a single bass line repeated from which layers build & rise – first drums, then a wash of white noise; echoes of guitar, then chanted vocals.

The song’s clever shifts are jazz-touched and delicate, almost subliminal. It all makes for a stark, skeletal boogie – more an astral projection than a song, “Edie’s Dream” shows us where SUUNS are headed.

Lucretia Dalt | Extraña Colección

The experience of seeing live Lucrecia Dalt blurs the boundaries between the studio and the stage, and the live recording. Weaving through loops of atmospheric melodies with created using different instruments like guitar, bass, computer, midi controllers, voice and percussion, as a result, over time their songs continue to evolve and incorporate experiences and environments.

After changing the streets of Medellin by Barcelona and contribute to third EP Series “4 Women No Cry” by Gudrun Gut on Monika Enterprise, laid the foundation stone of his own label, Pruna Recordings, with an album titled “Congost”.

Suuns & Lucretia Dalt  LIVE

Sunday, 05 May 2013 | 21:00 CET
Comet | Falckensteinstraße 47 |  10997 Berlin/Kreuzberg

suunsband.tumblr.com | lucreciadalt.com | comet-club.de