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D/B Recommended: Splitter Orchester @ WABE Berlin | Saturday, 26.11.2011

Free Improvisation, the most personal and individual of musical expression possible has always been a huge challenge for large groups.

In Europe, since the outbreak of free music in the 60’s, there have been several attempts to find the definitive amalgam, that which can make personal freedom and composition i.e. using limitations – work together.

That combine the inherited procedures from European contemporary music with the violence and energy that came from the United States in the form of Free Jazz. The perfect blend is still being sought, with and without direction or conduction, and within this process of investigation lies the point of bringing together so many people to play almost from scratch, without scores.

Splitter Orchester | Live at Wabe Berlin

For Clayton Thomas and Clare Cooper, Australian musicians who have lived in Berlin for years, it seemed, as free improvisers, that the most natural thing in the world was to bring together 24 likeminded musicians resident in the German capital and form a new improvisers orchestra. The Splitter Orchester was born last April with the support of the Ausland club, one of the centers of experimental creation in the city.

The 24 players chosen by Thomas and Cooper are currently some of the best improvisers on the European scene – names like Axel Dörner, Hilary Jeffery, Burkhard Beins, Ignaz Schick, Sabine Vogel and Clayton Thomas himself. The diversity of nationalities that makes up the group mean it is very heterogeneous but that does not detract from the discipline, as seen in the concert, to generate their own collective sound without a conductor.

Splitter Orchester  LIVE
presents MASS APPEAL – Sounds of Gravity and Group Reflex

Saturday, 26 November 2011 | 21:00 CET
Wabe | Danziger Str. 101 | 10405 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

www.berlinsplitter.org | www.wabe-berlin.de