D/B Recommended: Small But Hard Presents @ Kantine Am Berghain Berlin | Thursday, 09.05.2013

London/Berlin based label Small But Hard Recordings present a selection from their eclectic roster plus guests at Berghain Kantine on the 9th of May.
D/B Recommended: Small But Hard Presents @ Kantine Am Berghain Berlin | Thursday, 09.05.2013
The show will feature Devilman with guest MC Paul PM of Puppetmastaz and Walter Gross (US) who have been touring the UK and Europe in support of their respective debut releases for the label.

In addition to this Dead Fader and special guest Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars will perform.

Small But Hard | Trailer

DEVILMAN comprises of three strong individual talents, Shige (DJ Scotch Egg) on bass, Gorgonn (Dokkebi Q) does live mixing, and Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen) is providing the vocals. They are part of a secret underground organisation fronted by the mysterious MR. D.

Master of deconstruction and reappropriation, Walter Gross’ no-rules approach to freak-noise experimentation has led to collaborations with artists such as K-the-I???, Skrapez (Tenshun & Psychopop), Anticon’s own Pedestrian (Anticon) and Sole (Anticon co-founder, Fake Four Inc).

Devilman | Bakan Q

Nowadays, oozing from the cracks of his claustrophobic sound lab, Walter Gross bleeds percussive mayhem and grungy vocals; his constant reinvention informed by a chequered history of debilitating aural impairment, cinemania, and relentless ambition.

Gross presents a slice of Baltimore’s psych scene through a mosaic of work that is systematically re-constructed, broken down and reassembled with an affronting intensity that will bend your ears and your mind.

Water Gross | Endure Your Road

Dead Fader construct savagely abrasive dance tracks from molten blocks of noise and distortion. Intelligently distressed synths and deteriorated samples tap into your innermost cerebral hemispheres. Unapologetic dread noise blasting through your core and assassinating dance floors across the world.

Jan St Werner’s cutting edge technical prowess and avant-garde strategies go hand in hand with a natural and unshakeable sense of lyricism and harmony; complexity comes not at the cost of beauty.

Dead Fader | Busy Bee

But in the end his music has a more serious purpose: to deconstruct and deterritorialise the very idea of sound, to liberate it from such limiting categories as “popular” or “academic”.

Instead he explores its potential as a raw material, massaging it into structures that are unconventional, non-hierarchical and free.

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Small But Hard presents:
Devilman feat. Paul PM, Walter Gross, Dead Fader & Jan St Werner  LIVE

Djs: ANBU, DJ Die Soon, TIME$UP

Thursday, 09 May 2013 | 23:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

small-but-hard.com | berghain.de