D/B Recommended: Pirx, Ran Slavin & Seijiro Murayama @ Feed Berlin | Friday, 15.06.2012

PIRX is an improvising working band, founded in 2004 by Marion Wörle and Maciej Sledziecki. The two musicians work as composers for film and contemporary music and are also active as organizers and instrumentalists.

Among other things, they are organizing the concert series NACHTJOURNAL (“night journal”) in Cologne, a platform for musicians from the electronic field as well as those playing music on “conventional” instruments. Pirx are co-founders and driving force of the ZAM e.V. (Zentrum für aktuelle Musik / Platform for adventurous music).

PIRX are working on a language of sound, which is based on interaction between digital and analogue sounds. The source material (which is mainly analogue) from the continually growing sound archive of Marion Wörle is being processed and developed by employing a multitude of electronic editing processes into the elements and raw material of their improvisations.

Pirx | Electric Sheep

This material has grown into a dynamic system which is able to communicate with traditional instruments. Maciej Sledziecki uses the guitar as sound generator and percussion instrument. Apart from generating melodies and harmonic structures with it, he also prepares it and makes subtle use of effects. These sounds form the raw material for the interactive collective improvisation between tonal and atonal poles.

Ran Slavin is a Tel Aviv based video artist, director and electronic artist. His work oscillates from video installation to film, from sound productions to video-sound performances that blur the lines between visuals and sound. His work has been presented at Ars Electronica, Venice Biennale, Transmediale and international film festivals, having been released on Sub Rosa and Mille Plateaux.

Ran Slavin | Organic Urbanic

In his live performances he synthesizes a visual-sonic process, treating video as a media for transformation. Layers of fragmentized video, texts and meanings turn into light and generate sound, stressing the concept of interference as an element that both absorbs and rejects the world’s signals.

Percussionist Seijiro Murayama workes in France since 1999, after almost 20 years of musical career in the field of improvised music. His work is focused in particular on the connection between music and other fields like dance, video, painting, photography, literature, philosophy and performance.

Seijiro Murayama | Concert and Rehearsal

This does not keep him from having many purely aural projects. For him, improvisation is his major artistic concern even if, in public, he does not always practice it. His approach is based on attention to space and place, the energy of the audience and in particular the quality of silence at different levels – physical, social and ontologically.

Pirx, Ran Slavin & Seijiro Murayama  LIVE
presented by NK

Friday, 15 June 2012 | 22:00 CET
Feed | Hobrechtstraße 65, Hinterhaus, Etage 4 | 12047 Berlin/Neukölln