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Max Maxell, Jacqnoise and Leise im Kran at Trixter / Thursday, 9.2.2023

Moniker Eggplant opens its tenth year of existence by releasing the cassette tape ‘Braindance of the Hikikomori’ by Max Maxell. We take this opportunity to celebrate diverse electronic music and eggplant-based recipes in our favorite basement of Berlin.

With Braindance of the Hikikomori, Max Maxell (aka Karsten Pflum) provides a fictional script depicting introversion, solitude and encapsulation. Divided in 5 acts, the sonic narrative holds everything lovers of dystopian 80s movies are hungry for: Miso-smelling synth leads, spicy arpeggios, mincing tensions and bittersweet reliefs – Think of a cup of instant ramen noodles you have in a tiny flat in Osaka on a rainy day … over again and again. Dive deeply into the imaginary world of a Hikikomori and enjoy the dinner for one.

Leise im Kran has fired up the welding torch again. This time, he picks you up for a rough ride through the heart of his home state of Saxony: The a-side takes you from early 90ies post-communist street action in Bauchlitz and Grimma to socialist Plattenbau romantics in Döbeln Nord. The flipside features chivalric 303 sounds echoing from the walls of Kriebstein Castle and delves into sonic cybernetic studies in Zwickau. With his second solo release, Leise im Kran sharpens his knives to serve meticulously sliced breakbeat science accompanied by oddly stirred acid basses. Uniquely flambéed chord progressions round out this three-star five-course menu.

In her compositions, JacqNoise is looking for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. During live performances JacqNoise synchronizes with her surroundings. She finds her main source of inspiration in cultural cross-pollination. In the past years, JacqNoise has collaborated with musicians from all over the world. This is leading her curiosity to experiment and adapt new methodologies. Lately, Jacq pioneered with hardware interfaces that support algorithms and are based on chaos in order to develop noises and specify sounds.

Max Maxell, Jacqnoise and Leise im Kran + DJs and eggplant buffet

Thursday, 9th February 2023 | Doors 20:00 / Start 21:00

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