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Julia Reidy at Roter Salon Volksbühne / Saturday, 4.2.2023

Julia Reidy is a Berlin-based guitarist and composer from Sydney. Her 12 string guitar instrumental compositions are the culmination of vivid exploratory and improvisatory processes. Last year Reidy released her Editions Mego debut album ‘Varnish’, the third and final piece in a trio of releases, which also includes ‘brace, brace’ and ‘In Real Life’.

On ‘Guitar’, the Australian, Berlin-based musician Julia Reidy, melts down sharp synths; electric fuzz and flex; uncanny found sounds; and autotuned voice and harmonica in a heady, overpowering potion. Reidy’s music sweeps you up. It’s restless, always travelling on. Lonesome tones into machine chorales into hesitant hum. The LP’s side-long cuts sway between scenes but are always rooted: Julia’s guitar and vocal lines seem mapped to the natural ebb and flow of breath and thought, they lull you as they push through vast and secret spaces.

Julia Reidy

Saturday, 4th February 2023 | 19:00 CET
Roter Salon Volksbühne | Linienstraße 227 | 10178 Berlin/Mitte

julia-reidy.com | Tickets | volksbuehne

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