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Modern Bön ll at Festsaal Kreuzeberg / Friday, 30.03.2018

Metzger Therapie presents a night of dark and dingy electronic music at Festsaal Xberg.

Abul Mogard’s relatively unusual path to releasing music is well documented, but bears repeating here. Upon taking retirement from a job at a factory which he held for decades, Mogard craved the mechanical noise and complex harmonics of the industrial workplace, and found that the best way to fulfil that need was through electronic music – using a limited set-up of Farfisa organs, voices, samplers and a self-built modular system to realise a peaceful yet haunting, sweetly coruscating sound that resonates uncommonly with music from Leyland Kirby to Alessandro Cortini, or Fennesz and Tim Hecker.

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»island people« is a new band project consisting of mastering engineer conor dalton, grammy award winning producer david donaldson, musician and DJ graeme reedie and guitarist ian “chippy” maclennan. on their first self-titled record, they present their collaborative work that evolved over the past three years.

After 2 successful, reputation forming EP’s (The Descent Chapter I & II), enigmatic musical entity Pact Infernal re emerge with their debut LP ‘Infernality’ for Horo. Equal parts horror and simmering mysticism, the Pact Infernal sound has collected a base of devoted listeners including musical contemporaries like Lucy, Samuel Kerridge, Trepaneringsritualen, & Oake.

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Before Buddhism reached Tibet, practices involving shamanic rites derived from various ancestral cults became known as Bon. Phurpa, led by contemporary artist Alexei Tegin, is a Moscow based group in this tradition. This Tibetan monastic choir uses a specific kind of overtone chanting which is based on the principle of the singer’s transmogrification during the “chanting meditation”.

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Modern Bön ll

Friday, 30th March 2018 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
Festsaal Kreuzeberg | Am Flutgraben 2 | Berlin

metzgertherapie.com | Tickets | Facebook event

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