Mira Mann and Andreas Spechtl at Urban Spree / Friday, 25.10.2019

A super double bill at Urban Spree this Friday where Mira Mann and Andreas Spechtl will both celebrate the release of their new records.

They say that the avant-garde moves faster than light and therefore has to travel under cover of darkness, flying blind, destination unknown. No milestones, no junctions, absolutely no route maps. Ultimately, this only becomes apparent in retrospect, when the light slowly catches up and illuminates the way.Little of today’s realpolitik-related gloom casts its shadow over “Strategies”, the new album by restless avant-garde auteur Andreas Spechtl. On the contrary.

Whereas the two preceding albums “Sleep” and “Thinking About Tomorrow (And How To Build It)” documented quietly intimate, personal journeys along the margins of Europe or Iran, casting a sceptical eye on neoteric political shifts, “Strategies” is an altogether more explosive affair, buzzing with beats, effervescent with the energy of techno, dance, a celebration of resistance.

Mira Mann / Andreas Spechtl
DJ Max Dax

Friday, 24th October 2019 | Starts 19:00 CET
Urban Spree | Revelar Str. 99 | 10245 Berlin

bureau-b.com |Event @ Facebook

Photo credit Simon Hegenberg

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