Flennen: Aul / 13 Year Cicada / Broke Witches at Internet Explorer / Friday, 25.10.2019

Aul’s debut LP ‘UTO’ is a  musical manifestation of a decade-long friendship. On UTO, Roland Wäspe, Martina Berther, and Mario Hänni show a strong sense for atmosphere, space, and speed. Their dynamic sound invites their listeners to a walk through universes of contemporary experimental Pop music.

13 Year Cicada are Philip, Hotti and Zooey. They play drums, bass and synth/voice. They like band practices that start in the morning and end at night. They like rhythms that are so hard to memorize they make everyone enter a state without beginning and ending. They like coming off stage so exhausted they can’t even speak. 13 YC like recording, but it really makes a lot of sense to see them live. Their genre fluid style doesn’t really make sense. But that’s kind of the point. Their shared attitude towards playing a show is what makes it work. And from Tenerife to Berne, Barcelona to Berlin, playing is what they like best.

With a Babe Trance Noise DJ set from Broke Witches.

Flennen: Aul / 13 Year Cicada / Broke Witches

Friday, 25th October 2019 | Doors 21:00 CET | Starts 21:30 CET
Internet Explorer

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