D/B Recommended: Silje Nes, Mice Parade & Laetitia Sadier @ HAU2 Berlin / Sunday, 17.10.2010

On 17 October the HAU2 music programme returns after the summer break with a sumptuous concert evening. The spotlight is on a performance by Mice Parade, which for one decade now has been the preferred medium for the ideas of New York-based percussionist Adam Pierce.

[audio:03-stereolab-one finger symphony.mp3]Two very high class female solo acts lend their support to round off the bill: Pierce’s Fat Cat label mate Silje Nes, and Stereolab frontwoman Laetitia Sadier. Mice Parade  started off as a solo-project, but over the years it has not only evolved to become a group with eight members, but also found a stylistically versatile idiom.

Mice Parade

Effortlessly they combine elements from post rock in the style of the late My Bloody Valentine, modest borrowing from Flamenco, hypnotic rhythms in the tradition of Can, analogically produced electronica and melodic experiments in the spirit of Brian Eno.

Mice Parade | Old Hat

In autumn Mice Parade will present their album “Mallo Cup / In Between Times” at the renowned indie labels Drag City and Fat Cat, and before that they can already be heard as the opening act of two exquisite female song writers: LAETITIA SADIER, who has already been HAU’s guest as Stereolab’s singer and keyboarder, as well as the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist SILJE NES whose music is also being released on Fat Cat.

[audio:Silje Nes – Opticks – 01 – The Glass Harp.mp3]Silje Nes

Sadier is also celebrating the release of her new solo album, The Trip on Drag City It is in actual fact the very first album to be released under her own name. While she is of course well know as the frontwoman of Stereolab, now on an undefined sebatical, and also led her own band Monade, The Trip is her debut release as a solo artist.

HEBBEL AM UFER – HAU 2 | Hallesches Ufer 32 | 10963 Berlin/Kreuzberg

http://www.hebbel-am-ufer.de | Map | http://www.myspace.com/miceparadeband