Picture: Rabih Beaini by Hans Van Der Linden
Picture: Rabih Beaini by Hans Van Der Linden

KOOKOO feat. RABIH BEAINI at Ohm / Friday, 12.5.2023

The sound of joy is enlightenment… And in our book, RABIH BEAINI is the main inspiration for this very sound. Rabih is praised for his ear and attention as a producer. His credits include recordings for the Indonesian duo Senyawa, the improvisational jazz/techno collective Upperground Orchestra, and deep listening pioneer Pauline Oliveros. His label, MORPHINE RECORDS, showcases key voices in avant-garde electronic and outernational music that were often overlooked until Rabih brought them into the spotlight. With MORPHINE RAUM in Berlin-Kreuzberg, he has created a musical playground that is part recording studio, part performance space, and in its entirety open to all kinds of sonic exploration.

All these merits cannot be listed without mentioning Rabih’s instinct, sense, and skill as a DJ. He favors the epiphany of surprise, the immediate response to sound waves, over meticulously pre-arranged headphone trickery. Few people are able to create the kind of emotional, exploratory dancefloor experience that Rabih can unleash with a pair of records and a few effect units. On May 12, RABIH BEAINI will be back for his third appearance at KOOKOO, and for the third time he will be guided by a quote from space music master Sun Ra. Needless to say, we’re enlightened just by the thought of him performing at OHM.

CARLY FISCHER picks up the frequencies of thought, fire, and truth via the paper sculpture she created especially for this event. Receiving and sending become one in her flyer artwork. Fine artist YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI will present one of his illuminative video works. And MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA, your Kookoo hosts, will close with another quote from Sun Ra for now.


Friday, 12.5.2023
Ohm | Köpenicker Straße 70 | 10179 Berlin

morphinerecords.com | Event @ Facebook

Music: RABIH BEAINI (Morphine Records/Raum)
ARA (Kookoo)
Art: YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (installation)
CARLY FISCHER (sculpture & photography)
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