HUM-AN ORCHESTRA at Theater im Delphi / 12-14.5.2023

​​Mauricio Kagel’s Zwei Mann Orchestra visualises the upheavals of the Industrial Revolution, which has left us in a world designed by and for the white male.The complex process of machines is externalised into a giant multi-layered sculpture made of ropes, wires and pulleys. Opera Lab Berlin brings this piece into the 21st century and beyond, to a future where the Digital Revolution is completed, and humanity has to seek to overcome bias and prejudices that echo from the past.

Wires become wireless connections, ropes become digital networks, the transfer of energy becomes transfer of information and – and this is truly revolutionary – humans are no longer in a mere external controlling function, but integrated seamlessly into the digital machine. The processes are internalised. Human interactions become data transfer. Bodies are extended into the digital. Clouds of soot become an omnipotent digital cloud.

The members of the ensemble for contemporary music theatre themselves become a collective machine and explore their new digitalised inter-human dynamics, that must rebel against the status-quo. The genesis of this project is intersectional, multimedial and collaborative. They leave structures of the Old World behind and organise themselves in a decentralised network, they counter quantum artificial intelligence with non binary human swarm intelligence. What does the body mean in the world wide web? What is above the omnipresent Cloud? Where is this all encompassing machine heading? Who controls the system?


12-14.5.2023 | Doors 19:00 | Starts 20:00 CET
Theater im Delphi | Gustav-Adolf Strasse 2 in 13086 Berlin | Tickets

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