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D/B Artist Feature: Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel aka. Thomas Bücker, the Man behind the Münster Project Bersarin-Quartett. Really cool and freaky electronic music.

After a few releases with Colognian label Eleganz things have lately been a little quiet about Jean-Michel. Instead of seeing his tracks released he started producing a variety of sounds for television, artist movies, and Internet projects. Nevertheless, he contributed remixes for Blackmail, Tenfold Loadstar, and Computerjockeys to name just a few. http://www.myspace.com/esmogplayground

After his superb ‘Bersarinplatz Mix’ had been selected for Bjoerk’s ‘Army of Me/Remixes & Covers’ compilation CD, things where going back into right directions. Suddenly, more than one label was starting to show interest in his electrizism.

Jean-Michel’s ability is one to be watched, as he does not fear to play with all different genres out there. The brethren of his making is somehow hilarious, yet stunning. There are techhouse and breakshouse tunes as well as electronic freaky ambient. His ability of converting the unusual into something common leads up to a perfect mixture of sound in his works.

On top of all that, he creates more sorts of sound with other aliases. For example, there is Bersarin-Quartett, a rather ambient filmscore project, as well as BNC, his alias for totally crazy loop-based and rocking computernoises. Before starting the sound production of his new ideas, he had been playing ping-pong with Quappen in order to finish the ‘30seconds’ project, which is a nice journey through two electrifying sound diaries. http://www.beatsbeyond.de/

Via http://onpa.de/