bersarin quartett

This is cinematic music for your ears and brain you haven’t heard for such a long time. Orchestral and melancholic music, full of emotions and atmosphere.

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But Bersarin Quartett is more than just a head movie music. It bridges the gap between moody cinematic music and experimental chamber music. This album is bewitching! It’s a fantastic melancholic journey, but the mood it disperses won’t bring you down. Melancholy as a kind of positive lifesaver. The beauty of the soundscapes done by Thomas aka Bersarin Quartett are full of bittersweet promises. Promises of a world where the quiet moments and the beauty counts, not the profit, hectic and speed. This music could be written on a lonely island or onboard of a spaceship looking on our planet. Time becomes a new unit and feelings become more weight. This is a real great album that owns a special atmosphere and a nonesuch orchestral sound. Wonderful tracks with wonderful titles that leave the listener with a feeling of freedom and contentment. Source: