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I Eat The Sun And Drink The Rain by Sven Helbig at Radialsystem / Saturday, 07.05.2016

The successful composer Sven Helbig belongs to a generation for which borders between classical music and pop music no longer exist. “I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain”, which will soon be debuted by the label Neue Meister, pleads for fair relationship between people and nature. Performed by Vocalconsort Berlin, one of the best and most flexible choirs in Germany, it is a posthumanist manifesto culminating at the time of the end of the machine age.


The digital revolution changes our lives more radically than the discovery of fire. If we want to program algorithms with the ability to replace humans, we have to agree on mutual human values. Yet, never have we been as far away from that, as we are today.

The destruction of our natural environment and an increase of military conflicts paint a dark picture of humanity. This begs the question of how much ‘human’ should be contained in machines to begin with. Sven Helbig’s ten choir pieces in “I Eat The Sun And Drink The Rain” are gingerly searching for a new, fair balance between human beings and nature and the quality we shall refer to as ‘human’ going forward. A post-humanistic manifest at the end of the machine age.


Music and lyrics: Sven Helbig
Conductor: Kristjan Järvi
Choir: Vocalconsort Berlin
Visuals: Máni M. Sigfússon
Concert design: Folkert Uhde
Costumes: Esther Perbandt

“Sven Helbig is arguably the highest-profile German composer to embrace a crossover aesthetic (…)” (Gramophone, 2013)

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I Eat The Sun And Drink The Rain by Sven Helbig

Saturday, 7th Mai 2016 | 20:00 CET
Radialsystem V | Holzmarktstr. 33 | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

svenhelbig.comradialsystem.de | Event @ Facebook | neue-meister-music.com

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