Music-theatre performance “Ghost Tape XI” and much more at Uferstudios / Thursday & Friday, 05-06.05.2016

Music was instrumentalized through all ages. In ancient wars bagpipes and drums were used to stoke up ones troops – or to scare off the opponent’s. No dictatorship without propaganda-songs. Morale-boosting paroles are musically embedded. Music is a weapon and a torture-instrument. Composition of promotional jingles is a profitable field of work. Meditation music sedates. The list is endless.
In the music-theatre GHOST TAPE XI by Maciej Sledziecki and Marion Wörle let the sound-shadows talk. They speak about the dark side of music distribution in which science, belief, conspiration and speculation enmesh to a grotesque spectacle. About the bipolar nature of sirens. And finally about what Doris Day has in common with the atomic bomb.

Defined by Deutschlandfunk “The music itself sounds more contemplating, speaks to the audience calmly and demands vigilance instead of just repeating the propaganda material”, on friday May 6th an additional program with Hacklander\Hatam´s music-performance „War Sounds“ will presents 20-minute piece considering the sonic contributions & signifiers of warfare & warfare technology, while striving for a metaphor of failure & exhaustion.It will be followed by a talk with radio-maker and music-man Paul Paulun on the instrumentalisation of music. The additional program has free admission.

GHOST TAPE XI premiered 2013 in Cologne and was restaged at Schwere Reiter München and at the Audio Art Festival Krakow since then.”GHOST TAPE XI is a multi-layered music performance, that is not aiming to shock, but opens grotesque insights into the equally fascinating and disturbing topic.” for choices, in Cologne. Since then they wrote and produced a second critically acclaimed piece ONE MORE PIONEER and are working on two new music-theatre production – one as commission for micro-opera in Munich. Besides their own music they work as curators and organized for example the AVANT AVANTGARDE festival about pre-20th century experimental music. In the fall 2016 they will organize and curate the three-day robot music-festival WIR SIND DIE ROBOTER in Berlin.

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The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote „The spare some movements of the drummer, guitarist and the laptop-player Marion Wörle remind a bauhaus-ballet by Oscar Schlemmer“ and Kölner Rundschau for Konzerty w Krakowie “Wörle and Sledziecki follow the topic of lethal acoustics with a focus on historical quotes and mythological backgrounds. It´s more the ideology of sonic warfare than the sound inferno itself that drags the attention of the sound artists. A fascinating subject, that opens up a deep historical resonance chamber.”

Ghost Tape XI

Thursday, 5th May 2016 | Start: 20:30 + Friday, 6th May 2016 | Start: 18:00 / 20:30
Uferstudios, Studio 14 | Uferstr. 8/23 | 13357 Berlin/Wedding
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