D/B Presents: Foreign Affairs w/ Gravenhurst, Dj Phuang-Dan & Dj Booty Carrell @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Thursday, 27.06.2013

It’s the witching hour with Gravenhurst! For over ten years, the British songwriter Nick Talbot has been invoking the realm between heaven and earth – unearthly zones and ethereal places.
D/B Presents: Foreign Affairs w/ Gravenhurst, Dj Phuang-Dan & Dj Booty Carrell @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Thursday, 27.06.2013
With whispering background voices, he sings of dark nights and madness in plain daylight, restless souls and the places those souls would most like to haunt, forever and eternity.

Talbot and his band Gravenhurst have released six LP s to date; some are dominated by heavy electronic sounds and others shimmer with the gleam of old-school singer-songwriting.

Gravenhurst | The Foundry

Some of his music is reminiscent of the British folk revival and political necromancy of Robert Wyatt; divine vocal harmonies meet an earthly, materialistic rumpus.

But a timeworn beauty can be heard in these songs, as well as woeful melancholy. The latest album is called “The Ghost in the Daylight” and Nick Talbot will be playing a solo gig for Foreign Affairs at twilight.

Gravenhurst | Islands

Phuong-Dan is a DJ in the range of musical variety. He runs his clubnight called Gatto Musculoso at Hamburg’s legendary venue Golden Pudel Club for several years now.

There he breaks boundaries, inviting people such as italian legend Beppe Loda, Minimal Wave’s Veronica Vasicka, Tolouse Low Trax from Kreidler, Alexis Le-Tan, Lovefingers and Traxx from Nation Records to broadcast their unique energies.

Gravenhurst | Three Fires

Beyond his own nights he played and plays alongside Dieter Moebius, Asmus Tietchens, Felix Kubin, Kreidler or Sean Canty from Demdike Stare and many more. Expect to discover anything from obscure, early electronics, synth-wave, proto-techno, acid to odd disco, avantgarde or balearic …

Booty Carrell, the AKA of the Hamburg based DJ Sebastian Reier, is more than a pun on the late german television TV-host Rudi Carrell. Reier is a hell of a record collector, always diggin’ deep for lost vinyl.

Gravenhurst | The Ghost of Saint Paul

But here the rare and obscure is not a value in itself, in his treasure chest are superb gems from Persia, Thailand and countries many won’t even know the capital of.

Booty Carrell is part of the global B-Music collective which gathers around the Finders Keepers imprint. B-Music doesn’t mean B-quality, but brilliant, beautiful and banging music.

Gravenhurst  LIVE
Phuang-Dan & Booty Carrell DJs

Thursday, 27 June 2013 | 23:00 CET
Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Schaperstraße 24 | 10719 Berlin/Charlottenburg

gravenhurstmusic.com | berlinerfestspiele.de