D/B Presents: Foreign Affairs: Horst Krzbrg in Exile @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Saturday, 29.06.2013

With a peculiar aptness to the festival title “Foreign Affairs”, the Horst Krzbrg Club that was closed without warning this February has suddenly resurfaced in Fasanenplatz – an area better known for its density of lawyer’s practices rather than its nightlife.
D/B Presents: Foreign Affairs: Horst Krzbrg in Exile @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Saturday, 29.06.2013
The Haus der Berliner Festspiele has recognised the sign of the times and is opening up its main stage as a dance floor: the result is “theatre as party” – or rather “party as theatre”.

That’s why the venue is none other than the theatre’s main stage, which will be laser-lit in highly minimalist but effective Horst Krzbrg style. The DJ will be gently raised at the centre of events rather than being left on the periphery.

Objekt | Porcupine

Contemporary electronic music breaks out of the club prison just as Foreign Affairs breaks theatre out of the box format. And is welcomed with open arms into the Berliner Festspiele as high culture.

What is accepted with a shrug in other West Berlin cultural shrines is none other than the end of cultural-political dogmatism in the audience: there is no longer a strict dividing line between the Theatre-Goer and the Clubber. Music, as a means of transporting ideas, has left the lower echelons of entertainment and now turns the spotlight on the audience as true actor.

Objekt | Cactus

Horst Krzbrg arrives from this diaspora with a customary line-up of high-quality acts from the “Horst Family”: With highly professional ease and astounding ingenuity, TJ Hertz a.k.a. Objekt combines modern tracks from the past two decades of electronic music with contemporary musical gems.

This is one of the few opportunities to see Objekt live in Berlin as he’s not a DJ who performs at every village fête.
D/B Presents: Foreign Affairs: Horst Krzbrg in Exile @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Saturday, 29.06.2013
For over two years Horst Krzbrg has tried to get Will Bankhead to come to Berlin. Will’s blog “The Trilogy Tapes” is a real treasure trove for extraordinarily good music and graphics from the British Isles and elsewhere. But Bankhead is not a cult figure for music nerds.

He is a well-respected graphic designer whose album cover designs, such as the one for Actress, often find their way out of the disc cases and onto the walls of collectors. Resident Advisor, for example, dedicated an exhibition to his cover designs for a tour that followed the events of an event guide. The English popular press only started to show any interest in him, however, when he founded the label Hinge Finger with Joy Orbison.

Last Magpie | Hypno

From the bottomless pit of upcoming British talent, Horst Krzbrg has fished out Last Magpie. Magpie has quite clearly been weaned on garage and UK Bass, introducing us on his second release with Hypercolour to his pleasantly non-dystopian but nevertheless dark UK garage ego, which is why we bought him a ticket to fly over even before he’d even been booked because we wanted him in Berlin at any price.

Christeene fits into this ensemble about as inconspicuously as Horst Krzbrg fits into Wilmersdorf. Something like the long-lost twin sister of Genesis P-Orridge with a transgender punk attitude, Christeene is brutally drag and relentlessly dirty but with a generous heart for modern beats.

Christeene | African Mayonnaise

Trans-grime would fit as a label. Those less enlightened should belt up tight though as Christeene has been known to try to get into the audience’s britches.

Last but not least, there is John Knight, a good friend of Will Bankhead’s and a top-notch fellow DJ.

Objekt, Will Bankhead, Christeene, Last Magpie, John Knight
presented by D/B

Saturday, 29 June 2013 | 23:00 CET
Haus der Berliner Festspiele | Schaperstraße 24 | 10719 Berlin/Charlottenburg

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