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FS Blumm, Jasmina Maschina & OST @ Antje Øklesund Berlin | Thursday, 31.10.2013

Really a strong triple bill of Digital in Berlin local favourites at Antje Øklesund this halloween.
D/B Recommended: FS Blumm, Jasmina Maschina & OST @ Antje Øklesund Berlin | Thursday, 31.10.2013
With Jasmina Maschine including visuals by Ilan Katin, Chris Douglas aka O.S.T. and F.S. Blumm all playing live this is a truly outstanding event.

Berlin guitarist FS Blumm is a truly unique talent and the so-called King of Pling will on this occasion present tracks from his brand new album. F.S.Blumm´s music is so idiosyncratic that the popular namedropping doesn´t help that much to describe it. Nevertheless bands and projects like Gastr Del Sol or others who work on the combination of improvised elements with pop-approved structures come to mind, as well as American folk pioneer John Fahey or minimal music representatives Pauline Oliveros and David Behrman for their similar sense of poise and release.

F.S. Blumm | Sicht

Jasmine Guffond relocated to Berlin from Sydney with her spectral drone band MINIT. Firmly rooted in abstract electronics and equaly dedicated to song, as Jasmina Maschina she began recording in her Berlin homes, producing her acclaimed debut solo album, ‘The Demolition Series’ in 2008 for the Staubgold label.
Jasmina Maschina D/B Recommended: Jasmina Maschina & Kriilaliina @ Mme Claude Berlin | Friday, 08.02.2013

Based on her personal style of gentle guitar picking, drone and inventiveness, Jasmina began to tour extensively throughout Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Jasmina Maschina | Forgotten Wood

In 2010 she released a split LP/CD, ‘City Splits : #1 Berlin’ with golden disko ship on Monika Enterprise and in 2011, again through Staubgold, her second full length album, Alphabet Dream Noise.

Chris Douglas hiding behind Dalglish, O.S.T., Scald Rougish and several other aliases is an unsung hero of electronic/IDM/experimental scene, for about 20 years creating complex mathematical sound constructions charged with emotion and full of wide sonic spaces.

Dalglish | 3.9.2004

Having released albums OtJohr and Benacah Drann Deachd on Highpoint Lowlife and Record Label Records, he puts you in an entirely separate world full of unpredictable algorithms, twists, mood swings and, of course, subtle beauty. Having a rich back catalogue, Dalglish explored various corners and spaces of electronic music, thus experimenting with different combinations of sound.

FS Blumm & Jasmina Maschina & O.S.T.

Thursday, 31 October 2013 | 21:00 CET
Antje Øklesund | Rigaer Straße 71 – 73 | 10247 Berlin/Friedrichshain

antjeoeklesund.deamhain.net | jasminamaschina.com | fsblumm.free.fr

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