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Brokeback & Daghn Gibson @ Magnet Berlin | Wednesday, 20.11.2013

Another of the years excellent first-album-in-ten-years delights, we are honoured to welcome a Berlin appearance by Thrill Jockey’s finest post rockers Brokeback.
D/B Recommended: Brokeback & Daghn Gibson @ Magnet Berlin | Wednesday, 20.11.2013
Founded by Tortoise’ Douglas McCombs in Chicago back in ’95, he reunited the band (in a different lineup) in 2010 and released an album Brokeback and The Black Rock earlier in the year.

Douglas McCombs’s goal for his longstanding Brokeback project has always been to do service to those fleeting moments in life when everything seems clear and defined and beautiful and the hair stands up on the back of your neck. These moments are hard to describe and by their nature impossible to capture, but to try it is to be inspired.

Brokeback | Flathanded on the Wing

They’re not always auditory, but for their musical expression, think Roy Orbison when he’s sad and lonely, or alternately when he’s feeling triumphant, a Tom Verlaine guitar solo, Stravinsky and Erik Satie, an Ennio Morricone crescendo. Or Billy Gibbons, in a lyric like “Ridin’ ’top the floodway on a Friday night / The landscape’s a fine and natural sight.”

Brokeback | The Wire, The Rag and The Payoff

In April 2012 they spent two days tracking with recording engineer John McEntire, McCombs’s bandmate in Tortoise, at his Soma Electronic Music Studio. They did some overdubbing and tweaking at Elkington’s home studio, NADA, and in July went back to Soma for two days with McEntire to mix.

Daughn Gibson first entered the daydreams and fantasies of the general public in the spring of last year, care of his critically-acclaimed debut album All Hell. At once both foreign and familiar, Daughn’s music is immediately striking – through the use of dusty thrift-store records and cutting edge technology, Daughn shook the ghosts out of scratchy Christian folk records and baptized them as fierce Americana with his booming baritone voice. His songs are as frequently tender as they are prurient, as hopeful as they are brimming with despair. He treats the past with a respectful reverence while still being able to appreciate what some modern-day wunderkind is doing with electronic music across the pond. The only real starting point for the music of Daughn Gibson is Daughn Gibson.

Brokeback & Daghn Gibson LIVE

Wednesday, 20 October 2013 | 20:00 CET
Magnet (Comet) | Falckenstein Str 48| 10997 Berlin/Mitte

thrilljockey.com/thrill/Brokeback | subpop.com/daughn_gibson | magnet-club.de

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