D/B Recommended: Flau Label Night @ Altes Finanzamt Berlin / 15.10.2010

The Japanese label Flau presents a live showcase of its artists at the Altes Finanzamt in Berlin tonight.  This terrific line-up includes live performances by aus, novisad, the Boats and El Fog aka Masoyoshi Fujita.

[audio:Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – Undercurrent.mp3] DJ sets by Midori Hirano and Marius Reisser from Dense records rounds of what promises to be a stimulating evening packed with exciting music.

el fog (Masayoshi Fujita, originally from japan and now Berlin based) plays and composes mainly on the vibraphone, using electronics, loops, live-processing, etc. He has been influenced and inspired by electronic music, dub, jazz, hip hop, etc, and pursues his own sound and own world.

In 2009 Masayoshi released his phenomenal album “Rebuilding Vibes” on the Flau label and most recently he has collaborated with Jan Jelinek, releasing their album “Bird, Lake, Objects” on Faitiche.

aus is the solo project of Yasuhiko Fukuzono of Tokyo, Japan. Fukuzono started making music for experimental films when he was still a teenager. As aus, he has performed live since 2004, including sets at SonarSound Tokyo, Summer Sonic Festival, De La Fantasia Festival along with many international artists.

Kristian Peters aka Novisad was born in 1980 and lives in Rostock, Germany. He has been producing electronic music since winter 1993/94. Starting out with very unconventional and hard techno tracks, becoming more and more experimental he finally found his place in ambient music.

Kristian does not see his music as ambient but as a state that could be anything. It primarily describes a kind of state, that could be anything. The titles can give clues, but are only a superficial circumscription, the very meaning should be coming from the music itself.

The Boats are the well known duo of Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves, now joined by Danny Norbury on cello, as well as Chris Stewart and Elaine Reynolds on vocals. Craig has previously recorded under Hood, the Archivist and The Remote Viewer, runs the Cotton Goods label and co-runs the excellent Moteer and Mobeer labels with Andrew Johnson.

Flau Label Night
Live: El Fog, aus, novisad, the Boats
DJs: Midori Hirano, Marius Reisser
Altes Finanzamt | Schönstedtstraße 7 | 12043 Berlin/Neukölln

http://altesfinanzamt.blogspot.com | Map | http://www.flau.jp