Das Festival für selbstgebaute Musik 2020 at Haus der Statistik & RAW Gelände / 10-12.09.2020

In recent years, the festival for home-made music has developed into a special kind of platform:

Musicians, artists, children and music-loving adults can experience and explore music and sound in new ways at eye level and share their ideas with others – here everything can become an instrument and an instrument can become everything. Whether at concerts, workshops, performances or talks and lectures – the festival brings together the most exciting representatives from a scene that is not as small as one might think.

The Festival 2020 tests the urban space as a sounding stage, tests musc as a participation format and asks how political self-building is. At the same time, the festival is a platform for experts and musical playground for all music enthusiasts in one: façade-concerts, singing toilets or participatory vegetable orchestra!

This year it will of course take place under completely different conditions. On the on hand, the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 virus will be taken into account, but above all, the focus will be on the opportunities that arise from this:

Tried and tested strategies and basic ideas of the festival, such as DIY, DIT, Learning by Doing, experimental approaches and improvisation can also contribute to solving current problems – The festival as Future lab, because through the permanent search for other presentation formats such as façade-displays, open air exhibition and headphone music can help art find an audience even in times of contact restrictions.

On the RAW, venues as different as the “Bar zum schmutzigen Hobby”, the “Crack Bellmer”, the skate hall, the “Cassiopeia” or the “urban spree” are used. In particular, the spacious outdoor areas of the large site on Revaler Strasse are to be reinterpreted.

As a coherent stage for many acts, as a place of cooperation and dialogue for all (including the usual running audience), but also as a place that can be recaptured for a day. As a space for instrument and self-building workshops, lectures/talks, exhibition, stands and (participatory) installations and concerts.

Das Festival für selbstgebaute Musik 2020

10-12.09.2020 | Doors 13:00 CET | Starts 13:00 CET
raw Gelände | Revaler Straße 99 in 10245 Berlin

Participating artists, bands, initiatives, collectives: Gebrüder Teichmann, Gamut Inc, Moritz Geist, Tina Tonagel, Tom der Trommler, Katrin Caspar, Manos Tsangaris, Kollektiv Eigenklang, Kollektiv Artes Mobiles, Atonor, F.S. Blumm, tausendpixelkurzekante, Lorenz Blaumer, Esels Alptraum, Schneiders Laden, de-obsoleszenzer_ia- tor, Karl Heinz Jeron, PAPRYKALABA & many more.

selbstgebautemusik.de/festival2020 | Event @ Facebook

Picture: Hajo Toppius by Olga Baczynska

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