D/B Album Review: Wo ist Behle? by Fabio Orsi

The winter in Berlin is long. And white. And cold. One feel the heavy, and soft at the same time, presence of the snow as if it was a cloack of oppressive and liberating silence slowly coming down from somewhere undefined.

[audio:Fabio Orsi – loipe2.mp3]Wo ist Behle is the path in the snow blanket, a path made of five ‘loipe’, five tracks, each suggesting a hint to find the lost skier (Behle), or the perception of life itself that the winter has offuscated.

A hazy athmosphere generate the first loipe, joined after a while by some repetitive and punctuating synths; without even noticing, we’re thrown into another trail made of bumping pulses, slightly krautrock patterns and sparkling noises.

And than it’s the psychedelic ambient that takes along once again, with glacial, slow and dreamy soundscapes, then again the frenzy electronica: the listener cannot avoid being tossed back and forth in this quite and than suddenly crazy maze of sounds Orsi created. Overall, in the end, it does not matter wheather one manages to find something or not, but we’re certainly left so many conflicting sensations to explore.

The first release of Fabio Orsi on Boring Machines is the result of his recent moving to Berlin, after living long time in Italy. The cold winter left an heavy mark on Orsi who has been stricken and enthused by the psichedelic feeling of the long Berlin winter. Covered in snow, the most remote places of the city have the same hazy feeling of the hot summer days in Salento but the glacial weather gives a different perspective and transforms the atmosphere perception.

The sound of the new record is made of pure and cristalline glacial sounds (like snow) which blend themselves into long repetitive tracks (loipe) giving the listener an astounding mix of conflicting sensations. Close your eyes and you can be either in the warmest desert or on the north pole ice pack.

The cd is out on Boring Machines and it includes a 12 pages booklet of pics by Fabio Orsi. Digital in Berlin Recommended!

http://www.boringmachines.it | http://www.myspace.com/orsifabio