D/B Album Feature: Forgetfulness by Natalie Beridze / TBA

One of the most exciting releases of the year so far is the fantastic new album by Natalie Beridze aka TBA on Berlin’s monika enterprise label.

[audio:Natalie Beridze tba – The_Face_We_Choose_To_Miss.mp3]This mezmerizing and haunting album contains the finest ambient electronica production combined with a pop sensibility and the beautiful voice of TBA.

Georgian musician Natalie Beridze aka TBA first came to monika through her contribution to Volume 1 of the popular 4 Women No Cry series. Now we are delighted to be working with this exciting young artist again especially as the CD marks the first release with our new distribution partner, Morr Music. Following a 5 track EP in summer we are proud to present Natalie Beridze’s stunning new full-length album, ForgetFulness.

Natalie Beridze / TBA | In the white

While these are her first solo releases on monika, Tusia Beridze is certainly no newcomer. With output on labels such as Max Ernst, her ongoing collaboration with the Goslab collective and most recently a release on Laboratory Instinct, TBA’s sound is both rich in texture and depth of vision.

From the industrial beats of What about things like bullets to the club friendly electro- ambience of The Face We Choose To Miss and the intricate electronica of This isn’t right, this isn’t even wrong, the cutting edge production gains warmth and a personal touch throughout from the presence of TBA’s voice. As well as Natalie’s phenomenal solo compositions Forgetfulness contains a collaboration with Academy Award winning Japanese muscian, composer and pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, the meditative Blue Shadow.

Natalie Beridze / TBA | What about things like bullets

The album invokes harsh winter wastelands and a depth of emotion that is sadly lacking in much of the pop we hear. Two prime examples are In The White and Silently – which are nothing short of breathtaking. This fine album ends with the cryptically titled Half This Game Is Ninety Percent Mental an epic instrumental ambient odyssey.

Natalie Beridze’s music is captivating and yet at the same time leaves enough room to let the listeners’ imagination run off in its own direction. Forgetfulness is a journey through serious electronic soundscapes but thanks to the contant presence of her sensitive lyrics and gentle vocal tones Beridze never looses that personal touch.

Forgetfulness | Natalie Beridze / TBA (monika72)
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