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D/B Recommended: Dictaphone @ Radialsystem V Berlin | Friday, 04.05.2012

The second concert in the series of UM:LAUT, which offers a platform to musical projects in the experimental range between classical and electronic instrumentation, presents the Berlin-based band Dictaphone introducing their third album “Poems from a Rooftop”.

The subtle electronic sounds and field recordings of multiinstrumentalist Oliver Doerell swirl around discreetly used wind and string instruments, merging into original arrangements between jazz, dub and klezmer. The choreographer and dancer Modjgan Hashemian joins the band as a special guest.

Oliver Doerell and Roger Doering’s Dictaphone might not be the most prolific project around, but what they lack in frequency they make up for in sheer impact. ‘Poems from a Rooftop’ is their third album in ten years, and is the first to feature new member Alex Stolze on violin.

Dictaphone | La Piscine

The dusty, haunted jazz of ‘M.=addiction’ and ‘Vertigo II’ is still visible, but joined by Stolze’s shimmering string tones, giving the already rich sound a further layer of depth. The title ‘Poems from a Rooftop’ comes from Iran’s ‘green revolution’, where people were so afraid to go out on the street that they emerged on their own rooftops to protest the stifling regime.

This sentiment carries into the conflict and shrouded mystery in each song, from the rhythmic, emotive barroom crawl of ‘The Conversation’ to the phenomenal ‘Rattle’, led by vocalist Mariechen Danz. It seems as if ‘Poems from a Rooftop’ catches a point in the band’s career where they appear perfectly at ease with their sound, and able to distil the jazz, subtle electronics and haunting ambience of their previous records into one deftly coherent whole.

Dictaphone | The E.Song

UM:LAUT is a platform for artists and labels availing themselves of various musical traditions, realising ambitious and unique projects regardless of genre boundaries. The series’ focus lies on the in-between, on the experimental range between classical and electronic instrumentation, composition and improvisation, club and concert hall.

Considering itself an experimental space for cooperations between artists of different disciplines, UM:LAUT aims to present music in dialogue with other art forms – music giving impulses to film, video, photography, installation, dance and performance.

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Dictaphone  LIVE
presented by UM:LAUT

Friday, 04 May 2012 | 21:00 CET
Radialsystem V | Holzmarktstraße 33 | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

dictaphone-music.de | radialsystem.de