D/B Tech Feature: Kaleidoloop & Pocket Piano by Critter & Guitari

The independant New York based musical instrument manufacturer Critter & Guitari makes hand held portable musical instruments with a difference, guaranteed to give your music a colourful look and sound.
D/B Tech Feature: Kaleidoloop & Pocket Piano by Critter & Guitari
With an ingenious looper, the Kaleidoloop and a Pocket Piano (including a MIDI variation) amongst their catalogue Critter & Guitari devices are lovingly crafted and sure to make the musical process a fun experience.

The Critter & Guitari KALEIDOLOOP is a social, portable sound collector. It’s designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere to gather and manipulate all kinds of sounds. Record sounds from your kitchen, the recording studio, and campfire jam.

Kaleidoloop by Critter & Guitari

Use several KALEIDOLOOPS to build up layers of sound, pass a sound from one to another and play with resonance, invent new musical games, practice speaking in reverse, alter playback speed and explore new harmonies, carry sounds around the room… the list is endless. Best of all the KALEIDOLOOP stores everything it records, so you have a rec rd of your sound journey.

D/B Tech Feature: Kaleidoloop & Pocket Piano by Critter & Guitari

The Pocket Piano MIDI has all the functionality of a Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano synthesizer, now with MIDI capabilities! It can interact with many other MIDI devices: drum machines, sequencers, computers, synthesizers, and other Pocket Piano MIDIs. It is both a sound module and a controller, sending and receiving MIDI note messages, and MIDI clock signals.

Pocket Piano (MIDI) by Critter & Guitari

In addition to its intuitive interface, maple keys, built-in speaker, and aluminum and wood enclosure, it features the same six unique synth modes found on our original Pocket Piano.

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From: $175/ 137 €