D/B Recommended: Sebastian Arnold & The Petty Thefts & Planet No. 13 @ Antje Øklesund Berlin | Saturday, 20.04.2013

One of Friedrichhain’s most consistent venues, Antje Øklesund celebrates its 8th anniversary with a special “Antje 8000!” bonanza event.

With a vareity of live sets including a performance from D/B fave Sebastian Arnold as well as The Petty Thefts & Uzi Mayer’s Planet No. 13, this is sure to be a a great party.

Sebastian Arnold is a drummer and electronic musician living in Berlin, Germany. He is touring as a one-man-band playing drums and synthesizers, creating a danceable mixture of jazz, electronica and post-rock music by using his drumset to directly interact with the electronic equipment. A live show like no other, Arnold takes the drumkit as his starting point, around which he layers loops, realtime samples and midi triggering.

Sebastian Arnold | Fly To Mars

Uzi Mayer had always composed music – and everything that didn’t fit into the concept of his band-projects ended up in his dictaphone archive. Shortly after the break of “200Sachen” Uzi worked as barkeeper at a bar called “Herzblut” where he met drummer and producer Axel Schrepfer. With an additional  rock act in the form of The Petty Thefts and more acts plus DJs to be announced, this promises to be a no-holds-barred line-up.

Antje Øklesund

Situated in a back yard on the politically charged Rigaer Str in Friedrichshain’s north neighbourhood Antje Øklesund is one of Friedrichhains truly underground concert ane events venues. Well might we welcome its 8th annivesary as Antje is a long running venue that provides a valuable forum for lesser-known singer-songwriters, experimental musicians and art installations as well as touring rock bands.

Sebastian Arnold & The Petty Thefts & Planet No. 13 LIVE

Saturday, 20 April 2013 | 20:00 CET
Antje Øklesund | Rigaer Straße 71 – 73 | 10247 Berlin/Friedrichshain

sebastian-arnold.net| uzimayer.com | antjeoeklesund.de